Easy Allies Meet Ups

  • Good morning Easy Allies,

    Throughout listening and watching your shows, I hear about meetups (i.e. the FF Kingsglaive screening, the Avalon Ballroom in Anaheim) throughout the year in and around Los Angeles or at game conventions. I don't have a twitter account and couldn't seem to find any hard information on Patreon or EasyAllies.com. Is there anywhere that you list that information and, if not, could you? I recently moved out here as a fresh start and I really like this community (even though I might not comment or engage that much on twitch, etc.) and would like to join in on these meetups.

    Thanks and take care.

  • This got answered by Brandon on the group stream and it looks like there will be full announcements from here on out. Looking forward to December 2nd!

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