Hey Allies, what competitive games do you follow?

  • Personally, I follow SSBM religiously, other than that, I've also dabbed in USF4/5 as well as occasionally watch CS.

  • Banned

    I follow Street Fighter and it's many iterations.
    When Tribes was a thing I used to follow that religiously. Go Hades!

  • I'm a casual esports fan in general, doesn't take too much to get me to watch any random tournament going on. I love FGC weekend tournaments cause it usually means there'll be something to watch. I do follow Smash, both melee and 4, more regularly and more recently have been scoping out the fledgling Overwatch stuff. Of the other major scenes, I keep tabs on CS:GO and Hearthstone, not so much DOTA2 or LoL, but I'll occasionally hop over to a friend's for a viewing party during a major.

    Out side of video games, I follow the M:tG pro scene very closely and will usually hit up any GP or SCGOT that comes my way.

  • I watch Starcraft 2 matches. Im not good at the game at all but really like watching It. The keyboard skills are something else.

  • I still follow League of Legends LCS. I played from 2009-2014, and really only barely in 2014.

    But TSM really looks strong this year (currently undefeated in BO3).

    Always a good time.

  • I follow Melee, Street Fighter, and Marvel.

  • Used to watch and bet on every CS:GO match I could, now I occasionally watch Overwatch tournaments I'm not playing in.

    Lost a bit of interest in watching esports honestly, just into playing it now.

  • Pokemon (VG)! I played competatively for a few years, but once I started going to school full time, there just weren't enough hours in the day. I still keep up with it though.

  • Anyone gonna be following CEO this weekend? 12 games across 9 streams!

  • Watched a lot of League of legends, but I lost interest in watching, as I have stopped playing the game.

  • SF5, MKX, Mahvel 3, hmm. Yeah that's pretty much it. Injustice 2 next year.

  • Tend to watch alot of fighting game stuff, hell im going to CEO this weekend.

  • I am a huge fan of the fighting game community and can seriously watch any game in the genre with a huge level of entertainment and joy. My number one fighting game though has to be anything from the virtua fighter series, which sadly, has a lacking community considering how spectacular the games are. I have to resort to watching mostly Street Fighter V, which is perfectly fine, as the game seems robust and full of interesting matchups and strategies.

    I am very excited for the new King of Fighters and its continuing success in this current market makes me pray for a revitalization of the Samurai Shodown series. Please make it happen!

  • My home wifi isn't great so I only play it when I'm at college, but I play a good amount of League of Legends, and to a lesser extent Hearthstone. In the paper world, I play a lot of Magic. I do my best to keep an eye on the Pro Tours for Magic as well as the occasional Modern event, and I often find that although I play more League than Hearthstone, Hearthstone is a more watchable game. I really like some of the content creators in the Hearthstone pro (or in Hafu's case, former pro) scene. When it comes to League, I pay attention to MSI, Worlds, and All-Stars, and watch game highlights from big showdowns between my favorite teams.

  • Starting to get into Overwatch but there aren't that many pro competitions happening yet. Maybe once they launch ranked and improve spectator mode :)