Dear Final Bosman at Home

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    I guess I really just wanted to highlight the importance of Kyle and how much i miss some of his work. A few years back I stumbled on a Final Bosman. At first glimpse I saw the ramblings of a mad man (or just some dude) and wondered to myself, "what do ppl like about this?". Fast forward a bit, the Final Bosman quickly became one of my favorite shows and no offence to the rest of the EZA guys but quickly became the reason why i actually started visiting GT. I found the show to be a comedic and insightful commentary of the game industry. His bonus bits were always a pleasure to watch and i found that i would usually be disappointed if there wasn't one, but it made the next time there was one even more special. I enjoy visiting EZA, but it does suck a bit that one of the best things from GT never transferred over. I know he's has the Bosman at home show which really does get close to what Final Bosman was, but I wish it could be a regular thing for EZA or his own channel, bonus bits and all. I know Kyle is busy right now doing a lot of awesome stuff and maybe one day depending on how EZA or his own personal adventures go, we will get to see more.

    Here's to Kyle :wine_glass: to one of the best in the biz

    How about you guys? Do you miss anything Kyle has worked on? What were some of your favorites?

  • I really liked the Final Bosman, but my favorite episodes are the ones where he gets all sincere about video games.

    Kyle is great at comedy, but he's also very insightful which is sometimes harder to find on the internet today.

  • The battle fo the bands saga!

  • I think most of us feel the same way, OP.

    These are probably tied for my favorite:

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    Hopefully the stars will align some day soon, and we can get a proper return.

  • @MiserablePerson Ahhh good stuff. Bosman! if your listening. More of this please. Maybe we should demand Geoff Keighley gives Kyle a longer segment on the youtube show.

    Love the bonus bit on the second video at 13:28. Everyone should check this out for Bosman Lore haha. Remeber Kyle.. "A world without bonus bits." We live in that world...

  • "It sucks to say this, but I think part of growing up is loving differently."

    It's one of those obvious truths but it's still absolutely poignant. Favorite episode, although most are gold.

    Youtube Video

    Edit: I hadn't even paid attention and it looks like this is also loved by @MiserablePerson. Whoops, good taste though!

  • Even though I knew about GT before Bosman, mostly cause of their E3 coverage and G4, Bosman was what got me into Gametrailers too, specifically this episode:
    Youtube Video

    The thing I miss the most that Bosman did in the past was the First Fifteen. I know the library is gone now, and even if it wasn't it wouldn't be the same without the office and production values, but I just can't help but miss that show. Some people would be disappointed weeks where we didn't get a Final Bosman. I was always thrilled for a new First Fifteen.

  • This will probably always be my favorite episode of Final Bosman, partially because it was the first I saw but mostly because Gitaroo Man is one of my favorite games and I feel like it explains why it works so well far more than I ever personally could.

    Youtube Video

  • There were two things that got me to follow GT once again last year, since I followed GT a lot back in the golden days, but then around 2011ish I stopped for the most part.

    One of those things was the Huber Hype episode on Blizzcon, just seeing the enthusiasm of Huber and the way he covered the games was really appealing. The other thing was seeing The Final Bosman, for Kyle's humor, and at times insane opinions, soon after that I started following everything the Allies made, so yeah I can also say that Bosman has been a big factor on my devotion to the allies.

    Also you know what I think is really due, specially now that Damiani is back, another Scrumbers tournament

  • I was a casual fan of GT for long before Kyle came along, but I was immediately blown away by the Do's and Don'ts PS4 video, and honestly The Final Bosman and the more personality-based videos made me a more passionate GT fan, but I still mainly came to watch The Final Bosman. I loved it so much I made that tribute video.

    There are SO many good episodes (Vibes, Bloodborne, E3 2013 Special, etc.) but I think I have to give it to The Battle of the Bands. I rewatched it and I still can't wrap my head around just how brilliant and layered it is. Insanely jolly.

  • I only found out about The Final Bosman after EZA started but binge-watched the whole show over a couple of days. Really loved his perspective on it and I'd love for him to do something similar at EZA.

  • I guess Dave Jaffe isn't a big fan of Bosman's show

  • Based off Kyle's last video from his personal channel i feel like hes going to start focus on building his own brand while participating with easy allies. I am really excited for this prospect and i wish him all the luck in doing so. Cant wait to see what he creates.