The Animal Crossing Direct is the most entertaining thing Nintendo has made in years

  • Seen here.

    Man-suits, fringe, and the great outdoors — what's not to like?

    And what the eff was this glorious video monstrosity?

  • I've seen Mr. Iwata and Reggie fight a duel, and I've seen that Tomodachi Life Direct... They have an odd and charming sense of humor when it comes to these videos, and bird-man-hippie-with-RV-campground is no exception. I haven't even played Animal Crossing, and I found myself watching that whole thing for some odd reason.

  • Off the top of my head I'd say the only Direct that's ever topped this Animal Crossing one in presentation, not info presented was the Mario Kart 8 one. I agree though. This one was super comfy. I've watched it a bunch of times.

  • admin

    Just got to watch it. Really great ending with Totaka and KK. Beautiful.

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