Kill Your Babies! Weed out the Wii U!

  • @SabotageTheTruth Yes, to the straw poll indeed. And may I say this poll is a really good one! Our finalists are both highly deserving!

    So which game should go on to define the Wii U?

    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
    Mario Kart 8

    Click the link below to cast your vote on who you want to win! 24 hours from now (8 p.m. EST) we'll have our Wii U champion! Thanks for not only the posts and kills, but for the additions in the last thread. I know I said that already, but this was a great list! And hopefully, with what's to come next, THAT list will be even better! But enough of the tease!

    Exhibit your right to vote and make your voice be heard! (Only election reference I swear)

  • I dunno, I voted for DK as MK8 in the end is just a racing game.

  • I picked Mario Kart because it has fantastic production values, and because I don't like the gameplay of the DKC games. You just jump and collect stuff for the most part.

  • A 2D platformer or Mario Kart — truly a choice befitting the Wii U.

  • @Haru17 I kek'd

  • I get home from work and all of my babies are dead.

    Is this how Leo felt in Shutter Island?

  • Oh man, this is actually a hard last vote!

    Maybe it's because it's an underdog, but I went for Tropical Freeze. I wonder if Kyle will be casting his vote?!

  • @parasitepaladin
    alt text
    Who do you call a weakling?

  • After a real close vote that was neck and neck for the entire 24 hours, the Wii U game above all others is...

    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze!

    This vote was fun to check in on. Sometimes it was tied. Others, Mario Kart had the lead, but at the end of this day, DK stands tall!!

    Thanks again to everyone who voted!!

  • What was the final score?

  • @Pyro 13-10

  • I haven't played Tropical Freeze yet, but I've been listening to the soundtrack while I work (BvW turned me onto the Wise and I'll never look back).
    Anyway, idk if it's just the day we've had but this song just came on and I almost started crying. Does the level also makes you want to cry?
    Youtube Video

  • Dang, If I was around when this thread was created I would have knocked off Mario Kart 8 right out of the gate. They really need to fix that series. The Blue shell is such blatantly horrible design and yet they keep bringing it back for no reason at all. It can be a fun little random party game, but Mario kart lacks meaningful legs. No game should punish you for playing well/skillful. Why bother?

    Oh you're actually playing well and took the time to learn this games mechanics? Screw you! here's a coin and everyone else gets red and blue shells. This game isn't about rewarding your interaction, it's about rolling dice. Mario Kart is like the tripping in smash bros. brawl if it was 20 times more frequent.

    Did Tropical Freeze take it? That game completely deserves it. It's a proper, rewarding experience with for more meaningful content.