My Favorite Movies: 1924/1925

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  • Seven Chances sounds promising. Will add it to my list!

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    Love your lists as always! I can tell that I have missed a lot of film from this period!

    However I am happy that you put Kino eye in honorable mentions. It is not his strongest film/doc, but Vertov is one of my favourite directors/film makers from this era! I even wrote a 5 page essay on him at university.

    1. He Who Gets Slapped
      This is how "IT" started? (joke).

    2. The Great White Silence
      I love documentaries, especially from this time in history when the world were bigger and unexplored on a greater scale. I can't put my finger on it but something with this film makes me feel good when I watch it.

    3. Entr'Acte
      I was not sure what to feel when I watched this film (possibly because I was quite young at the time). Its interesting how they play with the camera and editing almost as the film surrounds it rather than it surrounding the film. I really enjoyed this absurd piece of art.

    4. Sherlock Jr.
      Can you do anything else but love Keaton?

    5. Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ
      Never been a fan of the Ben-Hur story to begin with, but this one is almost a "must see" film anyway just because of how it tells the story.

    6. Battleship Potemkin
      I feel so terrible that I havent watched this entire film! It is one of those films that everyone MUST see that follows film history in any shape or form. I keep hearing so much amazing things about this that I need to really sit down and watch all of it.

    7. Seven Chances
      Another Keaton film that had me in stitches so many times. This is in class with some of Chapplins best films and its one of those films that had me smiling long after it finished.

    8. The Big Parade
      As I am a big fan of war movies this also feels like one of those I really need to sit down and watch at some point.