The Racing Games Thread!

  • As this wonderful genre had terrible representation in our top 100 (just a couple of kart racers), let's show that we still have SOME love for it!

    My top 5:

    #1 - Burnout Revenge (Original Xbox)
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    Fast. Fast. FAST. And things that go crash & boom very prettily! :D

    #2 - Project Gotham Racing 2 (Original Xbox)
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    Gawt dang, is this polished! Gorgeous cars, tracks, precision gameplay, easy to control, swell soundtrack!

    #3 - Star Wars Episode I: Racer (Nintendo 64)

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    One of the best Star Wars games based on a sequence in the worst Star Wars movie! You must have good reaction time for this one. Very narrow tracks loaded with obstacles.

    #4 - Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (Xbox 360)
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    From the makers of Burnout, one of the biggest and slickest racing games ever! This thing has Hollywood-grade production values, with excellent voiceovers, visual effects, and seriously intense gameplay!

    #5 - Top Gear Rally (Nintendo 64)

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    This one is just...nice. It's slow paced, but the art style is great, the atmosphere is absorbing, and it's got good difficulty. The anti-sensory overload racer. Also in the running for craziest livery of hidden bonus cars ever! :P

  • I almost added Burnout 3: Takedown on my list, though I couldn't have left any other title out of my list. I would love to give Burnout 4 a second chance, after that whole debacle of me getting the Nordic edition of the game, which didn't have English VO at all, only horrid Nordic ones. And playing Burnout game without music is a crime against humanity punishable by public execution, thus having horrid Finnish/Swedish narrator made that game unplayable for me. I have to find version of the game with English VO for me to play it. Burnout: Paradise is alright game, but for me it didn't click quite the same way as 3 did.

    But outside of Burnout games, I am not fan of the genre, but that's just me. Well, Crash Team Racing has a special place in my heart, but that's not standard racing game as we all know.

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    I really enjoy racing games! I did put in Burnout 3 on my list as I have played it hundreds of hours.

    Also the NFS game that is mentioned in the OP I even platinumed that game haha.

    I do enjoy arcade racing as well as race sims, but Grand Turismo is one of the better race games all over IMO, you got the tweaking of the cars and fun tracks - it also shows that every game doesnt have to be open world in order to be good.

  • BTW, I changed the song sample for PGR 2. "2 Horse" was a bit too...enthusiastic. ^_^

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    I love myself some racers, especially of the arcade variety. Burnout Paradise is one of the only games I ever bothered to get the platinum trophy for, and I constantly wish Activision would make another Blur. F-Zero GX and Wipeout HD Fury are both in my top ten.

    Also, despite the launch issues, I think Driveclub turned out to be one of the better racers this gen. The NFS reboot was also decent and lets me live out my Initial D mountain drifting fantasies.

  • @El-Shmiablo How could I forgot Wipeout HD Fury... That game is amazing... Wipeout HD is alright, but the Fury "expansion" (or whatever it is) makes it SO MUCH BETTER.

  • my top 5 racers

    1. need for speed underground 2
      riders in the storm lol
    2. gran truismo 4
    3. f-zero x
    4. mickey speedway usa
    5. midnight club 3 dub edition

  • Not my favorite genre, but I'd like to contribute to this thread and give recognition where recognition is due. My focus is on older games.

    NES: Super Sprint (unlicensed glory), RC Pro AM (a Rare gem)
    SNES: Rock n Roll Racing, Super Mario Kart (OG)
    Gameboy: Motorcross Maniacs!!!
    Game Gear: RC Grand Prix (mostly because it's a childhood memory)
    Neo Geo: Neo Drift Out (easy but fun)
    Sega Saturn: Daytona USA (rooooooollling staaaaarrrt!)
    PSX: NFS III, not fair there's too many great ones for PSX
    Dreamcast: Speed Devils
    N64: Wave Race 64 (best water physics ever), Road Rash 64 (underrated multiplayer fun), F Zero 64 (cause I love that death race)

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    Also trying to remember that game... think it was NES, maybe later when you drove micro machines on tables etc and raced. That game were good

  • Burnout, The Motorstorm games, Wipeout games, San Francisco Rush, Star Wars Podracer...

    Also, Driveclub is lowkey one of the best racing games of this gen. Shame about its launch and release stumbles. Game is great now.