Mobile Suit Builders

  • I actually built this one a couple of weeks before the Shining Gundam. I really enjoyed this build.

    HG Gundam X Maoh

    alt text

  • Just about finished with the main part of my Lupin III kit. In the meantime starting work on my Aestivalis Custom Hikaru Use from Martian Successor Nadesico. Excited to try out candy coating on this one.

  • Bit of cleanup to do some day...but for now the car part is done!

    alt text

    alt text

  • @Minamik
    That's a nice model kit :) What did you used for panel lining?

    Here's my latest built. MG Exia and OO Qan[T]
    Will add OO Raiser to the collection soon :)

    0_1509388008829_exia OO.jpg


    OO Qan[T] and it's stupidly huge buster sword lol
    0_1509388281227_OO qant1.jpg

  • @WickedPony When I bought all the paint and stuff, I also ordered a bottle of the Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color (Black).

  • Work in progress of my Aestivalis.

    All the parts are primed, and the orange parts have been base coated in black, with silver on top of that. I'll be trying out a clear orange over those for a candy effect. The other 2 colors are supposed to be a black and a grey, but I want to give them a bit of a metallic look. Still not sure what to go with as far as a really dark metallic and a duller light grey metallic.

    alt text

  • @Minamik
    Can't wait to see the final result :)

  • @WickedPony Can already say I regret trying to hand paint clear orange on top of those silver parts, lol.

    Gonna hunt for translucent spray paint the next time I try something like this.

  • @Minamik
    Awww sorry to hear ;3;
    But learning from mistakes make us a better builder XD

  • @WickedPony Thankfully, my next project doesn't require anywhere near as much detail painting.

    And yes, if I were doing this all over again, I think I'd try going with Tamiya paint instead of Mr. Hobby, as I believe the Tamiya is an acrylic, where Mr. Hobby is a lacquer, and begins to dry in seconds, so it's super sticky if you're still trying to brush on it...and

  • My current project :)


    Why bought a 20 year old kit?
    Well, relative bought a HG(I think) for me when I was still a pupper. And as pupper always do, I wrecked it after I got bored with it. So I bought this MG as a make up for my recklessness as a pupper lol
    PS. I also bought MG GP01 as well for my bro in law as he was the one who build the old HG kit for me. I think he deserve that kit more than me.

  • @WickedPony Just from the picture it still looks like a pretty nice kit despite the age. The one I'm working on now was made in 98, lol.

  • Welp, now I've gone and done it. I broke some parts...

    Now I get to see just how well Tamiya's plastic cement works, lol.

  • Listen, Gundam friends, to my precautionary tale. If you're ever thinking about painting your model, especially if you're going to be lazy and paint the parts while they're still on the sprue, pay very close attention to where parts will join so you don't paint them....

    Because when you do something dumb like that, it makes the parts super hard to stick together, and if you might find yourself trying to rotate an arm or take a knee, and ...SNAP! :(

  • @Minamik Oh no ;3;
    and yeah I heard paint make the peg parts become thicker. It helps fixing loose joint but it also make already tight joint even more tight :O
    Oh you build Koto kit right? from my experience building some Frame Arm Girl, they're not fit as snappy as Bandai kit and I broke some as well. So I kinda share your pain lol. Koto kits looks great but not so fun to build X(

  • @WickedPony It doesn't help that the entire kit has only 1 polycap, haha.

  • It's done :)

    0_1511031309682_gp01fb2 post.jpg

    I choose not to apply some of dry transfer decals because
    a) A 20 year old decals don't stick well any more as you can see on the rifle.
    b) Some of the decals just plain silly. I mean U.N.T SPACY?
    c) some decal is in black so it won't show up well on blue plastic
    Also make him bracing shield on the ground because he's one of those gundam that has shield slot on the back of his arm

    I also forgot to post another finished kit
    0_1511031959734_astoroth origin post.jpg

    Despite looking really cool, it's not fun to post. loose joints everywhere X(
    Oh and the sticker are just plain evil(wrap around stickers on thruster. yuck!)

  • @WickedPony You mean that's not a genuine Anafim Electronics rifle? :p

    My MG Quebely Mk2 had dry transfers too. Definitely screwed up a little bit on those. Something like waterslide, it's at least a tiny little bit more forgiving, though I feel like a dry transfer would probably look the best done right.

  • @Minamik Wow. It does look like Anahfim LOL

  • Another arm fell off! I'm so done with this damn thing, lol.