Mobile Suit Builders

  • It's done :)

    0_1511031309682_gp01fb2 post.jpg

    I choose not to apply some of dry transfer decals because
    a) A 20 year old decals don't stick well any more as you can see on the rifle.
    b) Some of the decals just plain silly. I mean U.N.T SPACY?
    c) some decal is in black so it won't show up well on blue plastic
    Also make him bracing shield on the ground because he's one of those gundam that has shield slot on the back of his arm

    I also forgot to post another finished kit
    0_1511031959734_astoroth origin post.jpg

    Despite looking really cool, it's not fun to post. loose joints everywhere X(
    Oh and the sticker are just plain evil(wrap around stickers on thruster. yuck!)

  • @WickedPony You mean that's not a genuine Anafim Electronics rifle? :p

    My MG Quebely Mk2 had dry transfers too. Definitely screwed up a little bit on those. Something like waterslide, it's at least a tiny little bit more forgiving, though I feel like a dry transfer would probably look the best done right.

  • @Minamik Wow. It does look like Anahfim LOL

  • Another arm fell off! I'm so done with this damn thing, lol.

  • @Minamik noooooo ;3;

  • @WickedPony If I finish this thing, it's going to end up just being a statue, lol.

  • alt text

    alt text

  • @Minamik Looks cool :)
    hmm you could try posing with both it's legs spread side way a little. would make it look more intimidating :)

  • @WickedPony Yeah....they're not moving, lol. They'll just fall off if I try something like that.

  • Ran into another situation of there being a mobile suit I would love to build, but there is no model kit for it...

    The first time was for the Landman Rodi from IBO, love that design.

    This time was the Xamel from Stardust Memory. It's a beast of a bulky ass suit. Like, imagine a Zeon variation of the Guntank taken to extremes, haha.

    Youtube Video

  • @Minamik That reminds me, the first Gunpla I remember buying was from Stardust Memory. It was the Gerbera Tetra, and I got it from a local comic/sci-fi/gaming shop called Enterprise 1701 in the 90's. I didn't even know what Gundam was at the time lol

  • I don't think there's going to be any Gundam stream this month, huh?

  • @Minamik
    Probably not. Everyone is probably busy with either reviews or Game Awards stuff.

  • @Olf_Himself I guess. :(

  • Finished this a while ago but waiting for less-humid weather so I can top coat it :)
    One complaint I have for IBO kits is that they're not very solid kit to handle. The legs on 1/100 kits are all very wobbly.
    0_1511984675201_barbatos lupus.jpg

    This kit is for memory of my dad. He bought an SD toy for me as a child but we lost it during the moving.
    0_1511985332192_dad gundam.jpg

    The anime might not up to everyone's taste but I really dig suit design of Recon G :)
    Will order more kits from this series.

  • @WickedPony Have you built the Gusion? I don't know about the 1/100 kit, but the HG is a brick house, lol.

  • @Minamik Ah yes, I build an HG Gusion. The kit is super loose now but it was my fault.
    I tried top coat it while the air is humid so the coat become foggy(I tried sanding the foggy part off but the damage has been done). Panicked, I tried hot air dryer but blowing hot air super close to the model was not a good idea lol. Plastic warped happened ;3; Still love him though.
    0_1512314331252_gusion final.jpg

  • @WickedPony Still looks good in the picture at least, haha. I feel like if I ever buy one of those action bases, I'd want to take the picture, and then try to edit it out with something like photoshop, because the poses are cool, but the bar sticking out of the butt, not so much, haha.

  • @Minamik Ah I think using black or white background will help making action base a little less distracting :) I saw those Youtube review using black/white cloth and if you want to edit the base out it would be more easier too.

    Oh btw, I maybe a bit too hasty to say that all 1/100 IBO kits has loose legs/ankle. 1/100 Grimgerde is a very solid kit. Which really doesn't make sense since it use the same inner frame as 1/100 Barbtos Lupus and 1/100 Vidar, both of which has a wobbly legs. I dunno maybe it's because both of them has more leg armor than Grimgerde.

    Speaking of posing, I might share a few tips on how to pose gunpla. I think good pose can make your kit looks 20% cooler ;)

  • Finally done with this sucker.
    I choose this version over raiser version because I want that huge ass buster sword-shield
    But ended up regret it cause he can't hold it for shit lol(he can in a way but look really awkward in shield mode)
    I dropped the buster sword-shield while posting and the handle just broke off ;3;
    Still need to order LED units to light this bad boy up :)

    0_1512577976923_OO 7swords 1.jpg
    0_1512577988125_OO 7swords 2.jpg
    0_1512578013091_OO 7swords 3.jpg