Mobile Suit Builders

  • @Minamik The weathering looks great man! You can never overdo it, that's how they'll look if they've seen enough battle :D

  • I want this so bad!

    alt text

  • In honor of the EZA Gunpla stream I figured I'd post my most recent builds, Barbatos Lupus and Gusion Rebake Full City:

    alt text

  • @Funso Dewd...epic! :p

    I want to do more, but game releases being how they are, it might not be until summer that I get around to buying more kits.

  • Today's stream threw me for a huge nostalgia loop. Built these things all the time ages ago in pretty much the same environment, just chilling out hanging with my brother. My remaining collection is pretty scattered.
    alt text
    alt text

  • Lol, I love how you've got all those crazy things mixed in there, and there's just that random GM. Poor grunt suit.

  • Haha yea, I never really watch Gundam, pretty much just Wing for me, but I loved building them so would just buy whatever looked sweet. The epitome of this is the largest kit we've (my brother and I) built from Zoids, a show neither of us even heard of until we saw the box.

    3DSXL for comparison

    In fact, my favorite mecha show growing up wasn't a Gundam at all. It's called Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh and is probably the single most entwined entity with my love of mecha. Not only was it an awesome show in its own right, but also it was most often the show I was watching while building. Frequently, I'd be watching the show while building the kit of the titular mech! Wish I still had one around to show, Raijin-Oh is like a mini Power Rangers/Voltron mech that combines three smaller ones into the main dude. Blew my mind how well the kit translated the onscreen transformations into a build-able toy.

  • I feel like most of the things I want to do will be on hiatus until late spring/summer when it gets warm enough to start using paint again.

    The 2 things I really want to do are HGIBO Gusion and HG Rick Dom.

    And I also decided I'm only going to put a few of the decals on my RG RX-78-2 Gundam, cause I don't like how busy it looks with that many decals.

  • @Dirokia ZOIDS definitely had some cool designs.

  • Youtube Video

    This stream is extremely relaxed, I'm loving it.

    Admittedly, I've never watched Gundam or anything similar and my "model-building" expertise has mostly been in Legos and those metallic sets, but I think I'm going to jump in sometime this year. I may not understand the source material, but a cool giant robot is still a cool giant robot.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I recommend just browsing on Hobby Link Japan to see if anything catches your eye. Don't have to know what it is to know that you like the design.

  • This really takes me back. I used to have a bunch of Mobile Suit toys when I was a kid, and would spend so much time constructing them. I think the biggest one I had was a spiky, dark one that looked like a Sea Urchin. I don't remember its name though.

    One I know for sure I had was the JDG-00X Devil Gundam from G Gundam, but that one was already built when I got it. Unfortunately I no longer have any of my old stuff. The care I put into them was so little that I would to take them into the bathtub, and pieces would constantly fall off lol.

    Anyway, good times. Love the builds you guys have.

  • Hey Allies! Great to see that we have model kits/gunpla allies here too!

    I've actually been building mostly gunpla since I was little. I kinda took a hiatus and stopped building in my teens but really came back to building with the release of Gundam Unicorn(my absolute fave).

    So here are some of my builds.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Finally got around to adding decals to this puppy!

    alt text

  • Surprisingly few panel lines on this kit, I guess. Oh well! Here's the finished Real Grade RX-78-2 Gundam . At least until spring when it gets warm enough for a top coat.

    alt text

  • I'm waiting for my stand to arrive (for some reason, that was the slowest thing to ship) and then I'll upload some pictures of my first finished Gundam!

    If you want to know if I enjoyed the process, just know that I finished ordering 3 more right now.

  • This time it's not a mobile suit! :o

    It's Danbo, from the manga Yotsuba&! Some finishing touches still need done, but overall super simple compared to Gundams.

    alt text

  • Getting prepped for tomorrow!

    alt text

    And noticed how damn huge this thing's feet are. Holy moley! And it's only a High Grade!

    alt text

  • Got myself some Iron Blooded Orphan kits for myself and Sent a Norse inspired one for Huber and the rest. I dont think any of them has tried a real grade so I sent one of those as well!

    Painting/Weathering isn't my forte but After awhile Weathering is much easier then Painting in my eyes.

  • @GhostoftheMachine Before watching some weathering videos on Youtube, I thought it'd be super hard, but honestly, it can be as easy or as hard as you want.

    All I did was bought a silver paint pen and brush. I put a bit of the paint in a bottle cap, and dip the brush in. Wipe almost all the paint off the brush onto some paper towel, and then just lightly brush little bits here and there so it looks like the paint is chipped