Mobile Suit Builders

  • Got myself some Iron Blooded Orphan kits for myself and Sent a Norse inspired one for Huber and the rest. I dont think any of them has tried a real grade so I sent one of those as well!

    Painting/Weathering isn't my forte but After awhile Weathering is much easier then Painting in my eyes.

  • @GhostoftheMachine Before watching some weathering videos on Youtube, I thought it'd be super hard, but honestly, it can be as easy or as hard as you want.

    All I did was bought a silver paint pen and brush. I put a bit of the paint in a bottle cap, and dip the brush in. Wipe almost all the paint off the brush onto some paper towel, and then just lightly brush little bits here and there so it looks like the paint is chipped

  • My last 3 projects.
    alt text

  • @Minamik This is why I always encourage people to weather their kits if they like that look. Drybrushing is as easy as you describe and weather pastels are even easier (but they can be messy, so use them outside). Weathering also has the added bonus of helping you hide any nub marks or other mistakes you made during the building process.

  • I've got a bunch of kits that I've finished building but haven't weathered yet, but here's my two most recent builds:

    Helmwige Reincar

    Kimaris Trooper

  • It's arrived just in time for Friday!
    alt text

  • Now I'm just one suit shy of a baker's EZA!

    And this thing is nigh impossible to pose!

    alt text
    alt text

  • I'm very thankful to Bosman and company for bringing this hobby to my attention.

    I have since built 2 High Grade Gundam models during some chill hangouts with my brother at my apartment. Good times!
    alt text

    alt text

  • never a fan of the gundam show but after a trip to Japan and bought some Frame Arms Girl kit, I found myself really enjoying building these model kits.
    so I bought HG Gusion and Man Rodi from local store for my first ever gundam kit and have so much fun building them
    My next kit was MG Tallgeese. I really like it's simple yet striking design of the suit
    My next gundam kit was RG Sinanju. I bought it without second thought because it's a very beautiful kit and later find out it was one of the most troublesome kit lol. but I still love it all the same just have to be very patience while handling it. Im so proud able to pose it the way I want since most would give up just to make it standing lol. He's my most fav kit for sure despite all it's problem
    0_1497144267391_sinan pose3.jpg
    0_1497144277713_sinan pose1.jpg

  • When's the next episode of Amateur Gundam Construction?

  • @WickedPony Good to see another Gusion, lol.

  • I missed out on the last two months, but this month I finally got some kits in!

    This is what I built for August. It's the Barzam from Z Gundam. Kind of a weird one, especially since it seems from what I've read it's design was based partially off of the Mk2.

    alt text

  • This month is a Gogg! Super fast build, but I love the arms and claws.

    alt text

  • Love the poses I was able to get with these guys!

    alt text

    alt text

  • This car looks like crap. Good thing it was just practice for Lupin's Fiat...but still, with as much time as I invested in it, I'm a bit sad. Was way too complicated for someone of my skill, lol.

    alt text

  • Missed the Gundam stream this week, but Friday night I got a delivery from Japan...and yesterday, well, I built a thing.

    Edit: Oops, looking at the picture I just realized I forgot to get rid of the safety nubs on the v-fin. Oh well. XD

  • @Gaming_Groove Ah, so that's why it's facepalming. :p

    Looks awesome though. Burning Gundam?

  • @Minamik Shining Gundam =)

  • @Gaming_Groove Ah, my bad, always get those two names mixed up, haha.

  • Didn't post update for a long time ^ ^" My gunpla collection has since grown a lot so here ya go(lots of images)

    MG TurnA Gundam. People shit on this gundam a lot but in my opinion, it's one of the most striking gundam design :)

    0_1508689897220_turn a 1.jpg
    0_1508689925323_turn a 3.jpg
    0_1508689972453_turn a 4.jpg
    0_1508690138803_turn a 5.jpg