Mobile Suit Builders

  • Now I'm just one suit shy of a baker's EZA!

    And this thing is nigh impossible to pose!

    alt text
    alt text

  • I'm very thankful to Bosman and company for bringing this hobby to my attention.

    I have since built 2 High Grade Gundam models during some chill hangouts with my brother at my apartment. Good times!
    alt text

    alt text

  • never a fan of the gundam show but after a trip to Japan and bought some Frame Arms Girl kit, I found myself really enjoying building these model kits.
    so I bought HG Gusion and Man Rodi from local store for my first ever gundam kit and have so much fun building them
    My next kit was MG Tallgeese. I really like it's simple yet striking design of the suit
    My next gundam kit was RG Sinanju. I bought it without second thought because it's a very beautiful kit and later find out it was one of the most troublesome kit lol. but I still love it all the same just have to be very patience while handling it. Im so proud able to pose it the way I want since most would give up just to make it standing lol. He's my most fav kit for sure despite all it's problem
    0_1497144267391_sinan pose3.jpg
    0_1497144277713_sinan pose1.jpg

  • When's the next episode of Amateur Gundam Construction?

  • @WickedPony Good to see another Gusion, lol.

  • I missed out on the last two months, but this month I finally got some kits in!

    This is what I built for August. It's the Barzam from Z Gundam. Kind of a weird one, especially since it seems from what I've read it's design was based partially off of the Mk2.

    alt text

  • This month is a Gogg! Super fast build, but I love the arms and claws.

    alt text

  • Love the poses I was able to get with these guys!

    alt text

    alt text

  • This car looks like crap. Good thing it was just practice for Lupin's Fiat...but still, with as much time as I invested in it, I'm a bit sad. Was way too complicated for someone of my skill, lol.

    alt text

  • Missed the Gundam stream this week, but Friday night I got a delivery from Japan...and yesterday, well, I built a thing.

    Edit: Oops, looking at the picture I just realized I forgot to get rid of the safety nubs on the v-fin. Oh well. XD

  • @Gaming_Groove Ah, so that's why it's facepalming. :p

    Looks awesome though. Burning Gundam?

  • @Minamik Shining Gundam =)

  • @Gaming_Groove Ah, my bad, always get those two names mixed up, haha.

  • Didn't post update for a long time ^ ^" My gunpla collection has since grown a lot so here ya go(lots of images)

    MG TurnA Gundam. People shit on this gundam a lot but in my opinion, it's one of the most striking gundam design :)

    0_1508689897220_turn a 1.jpg
    0_1508689925323_turn a 3.jpg
    0_1508689972453_turn a 4.jpg
    0_1508690138803_turn a 5.jpg

  • @WickedPony That's awesome, really great job. I haven't built any master grades yet, just HGs...anything higher still looks daunting. I might get the RG Unicorn Gundam though, it looks pretty sweet.

    I've heard Turn A is really good, but I can't find a good place to watch it. Any idea if there is a service that has it available for streaming?

  • I love that stupid v fin mustache, lol.

  • More IBO kits

    HG Hugo. I like the varied suit design from IBO. This kit really catch my attention because of it's design.


    HG Reginlaze Julia. Another interesting design :) I really like MS design from IBO. They're so different and refreshing.

    0_1508690481861_regin ju 3.jpg
    0_1508690606436_regin ju 2.jpg

    Now, 1/100 full mechanic kits

    Full mechanic Grimgerde


    Full mechanic Vidar. In my opinion, the best design of IBO :)


  • @WickedPony You've sure been busy, haha.

  • @WickedPony said in Mobile Suit Builders:

    0_1497144277713_sinan pose1.jpg

    Holy crap, just noticed this looking back through the thread. Is that a Battlesaurus? I remember building that with my stepdad when I was like 8 or 9 years old. He still has it. lol

  • @Gaming_Groove

    Thanks XD
    RG Unicorn is a good pick. Very solid(it didn't explode into million pieces when try to handle lol) One of the best RG kits. Just be patience transform it to destroy mode(theres a lot of vid on Youtube on how to)
    I can't help with where to watch TurnA, sadly :( I want to know as well but there's no official place so far.
    The Zoid? I don't know its official name but I build that kit with my brother in law almost 20 years ago lol


    V fin mustache is the best feature lol
    these are a culmination of many months of collecting :) It's a revenge of me not having as many toys as a kid LOL

    And here's more pics lol

    RG Unicorn. Compare to RG Sinanju, this kit is way more solid. Although I still like RG Sinanju more in term of coolness :)

    0_1508692752896_rg uni1.jpg
    0_1508692929105_rg uni2.jpg

    HG R-Gyagya(Gundam Build Fighters) The joints on this kit are really loose but this is the first kit that I try to paint. I'm using paintbrush so looking sloppy in some area but still quite proud with the result lol (Inspired by TypeV3)