Mobile Suit Builders

  • When's the next episode of Amateur Gundam Construction?

  • @WickedPony Good to see another Gusion, lol.

  • I missed out on the last two months, but this month I finally got some kits in!

    This is what I built for August. It's the Barzam from Z Gundam. Kind of a weird one, especially since it seems from what I've read it's design was based partially off of the Mk2.

    alt text

  • This month is a Gogg! Super fast build, but I love the arms and claws.

    alt text

  • Love the poses I was able to get with these guys!

    alt text

    alt text

  • This car looks like crap. Good thing it was just practice for Lupin's Fiat...but still, with as much time as I invested in it, I'm a bit sad. Was way too complicated for someone of my skill, lol.

    alt text

  • Missed the Gundam stream this week, but Friday night I got a delivery from Japan...and yesterday, well, I built a thing.

    Edit: Oops, looking at the picture I just realized I forgot to get rid of the safety nubs on the v-fin. Oh well. XD

  • @Gaming_Groove Ah, so that's why it's facepalming. :p

    Looks awesome though. Burning Gundam?

  • @Minamik Shining Gundam =)

  • @Gaming_Groove Ah, my bad, always get those two names mixed up, haha.

  • Didn't post update for a long time ^ ^" My gunpla collection has since grown a lot so here ya go(lots of images)

    MG TurnA Gundam. People shit on this gundam a lot but in my opinion, it's one of the most striking gundam design :)

    0_1508689897220_turn a 1.jpg
    0_1508689925323_turn a 3.jpg
    0_1508689972453_turn a 4.jpg
    0_1508690138803_turn a 5.jpg

  • @WickedPony That's awesome, really great job. I haven't built any master grades yet, just HGs...anything higher still looks daunting. I might get the RG Unicorn Gundam though, it looks pretty sweet.

    I've heard Turn A is really good, but I can't find a good place to watch it. Any idea if there is a service that has it available for streaming?

  • I love that stupid v fin mustache, lol.

  • More IBO kits

    HG Hugo. I like the varied suit design from IBO. This kit really catch my attention because of it's design.


    HG Reginlaze Julia. Another interesting design :) I really like MS design from IBO. They're so different and refreshing.

    0_1508690481861_regin ju 3.jpg
    0_1508690606436_regin ju 2.jpg

    Now, 1/100 full mechanic kits

    Full mechanic Grimgerde


    Full mechanic Vidar. In my opinion, the best design of IBO :)


  • @WickedPony You've sure been busy, haha.

  • @WickedPony said in Mobile Suit Builders:

    0_1497144277713_sinan pose1.jpg

    Holy crap, just noticed this looking back through the thread. Is that a Battlesaurus? I remember building that with my stepdad when I was like 8 or 9 years old. He still has it. lol

  • @Gaming_Groove

    Thanks XD
    RG Unicorn is a good pick. Very solid(it didn't explode into million pieces when try to handle lol) One of the best RG kits. Just be patience transform it to destroy mode(theres a lot of vid on Youtube on how to)
    I can't help with where to watch TurnA, sadly :( I want to know as well but there's no official place so far.
    The Zoid? I don't know its official name but I build that kit with my brother in law almost 20 years ago lol


    V fin mustache is the best feature lol
    these are a culmination of many months of collecting :) It's a revenge of me not having as many toys as a kid LOL

    And here's more pics lol

    RG Unicorn. Compare to RG Sinanju, this kit is way more solid. Although I still like RG Sinanju more in term of coolness :)

    0_1508692752896_rg uni1.jpg
    0_1508692929105_rg uni2.jpg

    HG R-Gyagya(Gundam Build Fighters) The joints on this kit are really loose but this is the first kit that I try to paint. I'm using paintbrush so looking sloppy in some area but still quite proud with the result lol (Inspired by TypeV3)


  • @WickedPony Definitely looks better with the gold paint than the stickers I've heard it comes with. Personally, I've had my eye on the Gyancelot as well.

    I've seen a lot of painting tutorials and advice on youtube. For example, holding your painting hand with the other hand to make it more steady, or using black paint first, and then metallic paints over it to make them stand out more (i.e. black first, then gold or silver on top)

  • @Gaming_Groove I'm saying this from personal experience, but you might be better off with a master grade first before a real grade, because RG is basically a 1/144 MG, so the parts are absurdly tiny, and the decals are even worse, lol. Just having all that detail, but bigger actually makes the MG stuff a bit more approachable in my opinion.

  • @Minamik
    Yeah I didnt prime the parts before painting lol
    Oh it only comes with black stickers. The "gold" parts are just these swirly gold plastic that looks really cheap.