Nintendo Switch Resolution Rumors and Misinformation

  • This topic has been getting me more and more irritated every time I hear people talk about the resolution of the Switch. I just want to make sure people are not misinformed.

    I was listening to Kinda Funny on their recent prediction video for Nintendo Switch. They brought up something I've heard pretty frequently about the Switch, is that its a downgraded 720p experience, while PS4/Xbox One are talking about 4K and HDR. That it will alienate third parties if the Switch only runs at 720p. This is all simply ridiculous.

    My issue with this is that Xbox One and PS4 output 1080p,and they scale the games that are running on it to 1080p. Many games have been reported to simply being scaled from 900p, or 720p. Titanfall 2 utilizes dynamic resolution scaling where the image quality will reduce in order to maintain framerate.

    PC's utilize DSR (Dynamic Scaling Resolution), where you can run 2160p(4k) on a 1080p monitor, and it improves the graphical fidelity. It is often used as a competitor to anti-aliasing for correcting jagged lines/textures. DSR is Nvidia software as well.

    The Nintendo Switch can easily have 720p on the handheld mode with the CPU/GPU underclocked to save battery life. When docked it can output 1080p, and run the CPU/GPU at 100% or more power (depending on temperatures). With the Switch being fully supported by a custom nvidia chip, it's fairly safe to assume that they can utilize these methods of resolution scaling (Either upscaling or downscaling).

    With this technology being used on consoles and PC's already, there is more reason to assume that third parties will have an easier time putting games on the Switch. Unlike all previous Nintendo Consoles.

    Note, the notes about the Switch dock running the processor at a higher rate is pure assumption, but seems pretty logical knowing hardware.

  • @Stormcrownn said in Nintendo Switch Resolution Rumors and Misinformation:

    Posted November 2016

    I was listening to Kinda Funny—

    First mistake ;)

  • @Haru17 It's not just them, but it was their video that really triggered this train of thought. I see a lot of discussion surrounding 720p and what the resolution means, what games that impacts.

  • Regardless of what the Switch actually has for resolution (tv or handheld), I would rather have the big issue be about frame rate. Not that I need 300 fps, but I would rather have 720p 60fps, than 4k 30fps any day.

  • I feel that graphical fidelity is reaching a point of diminishing returns anyhow. If you leverage a good art style to compliment good gameplay, I'm perfectly happy.

  • Metroid needs to look like real life — the series is inspired by Alien for chrissakes! If I get pastel Samus I'm not going to be happy.

  • @Haru17 Samus' Woolly World? Tap an Amiibo to change the color of her armor.

  • It's nintendo, it's not really an important topic. Even with inferior resolutions they use their own japanese magic.

  • @DMCMaster Broken link. Did you mean that cancelled Next Level Metroid game?

  • @Haru17 link works for me. It's concept art from that game from Next Level, yes