Water Levels... Love/Hate?

  • I like water levels. I hate breath meters.

  • I feel like people who resolutely hate water levels were irrevocably broken as children and will be forever unable to provide any kind of true moral leadership in society.


  • The most time I've spent in water was collecting those toxic waste barrels with submarine in GTA V. Twice. I don't know, I guess it was kinda peaceful.

    But in general water can be a good element in games. I enjoy it on a surface level (heh) while boating or something. It often offers beautiful visuals. But then in some (older) platformers etc. water levels with time limits or oxygen meters have never been my favourites.

  • The water-world from Primal(ps2)... I think it was called aquatos? You get a special transformation, the levels are complex and you get to navigate as a skilled swimmer or a gargoyle that sinks to the bottom & walks.

  • Water and sewer levels are the worst. Especially in the old Sonic games. Then again, it's kinda awesome to see Sonic drown and die.

  • Just remembered the water level in the Bitlands of Super Paper Mario, great level.

  • @michemagius I loved the kinds of puzzles you got in Super Paper Mario. This isn't necessarily about the water level, but I loved the tree level right after the ocean and the statuesque puzzles in the land of the cragnons.

    That game did have wonderful water areas, though. I still remember that one underwater passageway in Flipside...

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    I don't really like water levels. Either they are so god damn hard to navigate or they got the breathing/timed meter which makes you miss out the goal with 0.2 seconds and have to redo the entire thing! :(

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    You know what I love in The Witcher 3?

    Diving for random treasure that's complete shit, but you do it anyway to fill out the map.

  • I don't like water LEVELs. A game needs to be designed around water for it to work. A game that introduces water as a gimmick gives us breath meters, reduced vision, funky controls etc.

  • I like water levels when they don't have you diving all the time and when there is some good art direction (no blue wall all over the place or sewer -damn, hate sewer levels-)

    but this guy does love water
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