Water Levels... Love/Hate?

  • Just remembered the water level in the Bitlands of Super Paper Mario, great level.

  • @michemagius I loved the kinds of puzzles you got in Super Paper Mario. This isn't necessarily about the water level, but I loved the tree level right after the ocean and the statuesque puzzles in the land of the cragnons.

    That game did have wonderful water areas, though. I still remember that one underwater passageway in Flipside...

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    I don't really like water levels. Either they are so god damn hard to navigate or they got the breathing/timed meter which makes you miss out the goal with 0.2 seconds and have to redo the entire thing! :(

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    You know what I love in The Witcher 3?

    Diving for random treasure that's complete shit, but you do it anyway to fill out the map.

  • I don't like water LEVELs. A game needs to be designed around water for it to work. A game that introduces water as a gimmick gives us breath meters, reduced vision, funky controls etc.

  • I like water levels when they don't have you diving all the time and when there is some good art direction (no blue wall all over the place or sewer -damn, hate sewer levels-)

    but this guy does love water
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