Let's double down on "Love & Respect"

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    I love this community's outlook, but at the same time the events of this election reaffirm a lot of my worst fears about the world.
    We are fucked on a scale that a lot of people can't even begin to comprehend.
    I'd like to stay positive, but it is fucking hard right now.

  • @Haru17 Not to mention the environment...

  • @Faaip Good point! That of course affects everyone. Environmental sustainability is very important to me, it's just hard to fit into my points because this election has been such a personality contest and I read this post as focused around individuals.

  • @Haru17 Yeah I know what you mean. Just wanted to throw it out there. I think of myself as pretty moderate but environmental issues can really get me going haha

  • All the L&R for you fellow Allies, I'm from Mexico and recent events had an impact on us too, can't even imagine how are you feeling. Let's keep spreading the love in this awesome community and everywhere in the world.

  • Jesus... Trump's going to be added to the Hall of Presidents at Disney World.

    Ok ok no more negativity.. I'lll bring it someplace else :D

  • As an US citizen that was born outside of the US, and that has lived outside of the country for my whole life, I have to say that this is a scary moment, both as a liberal person and as Latin American I have a lot of things that make me nervous about the potential future of the US and the rest of the world.

    But I can appreciate that some people with different sensibilities and circumstances made a different choice from mine with the best of intentions in mind.

    Come what may I hope we can always have an amicable enviroment here, where we can come together to enjoy in the company and discussions with others that share our passion, there's already a lot of mean spirited discussions and fights to be had in real life, so hopefully we can keep that outside of this place.

  • I'll add my voice to yours. I'm French but I've been following these elections closely for a while now, even watching the debates and everything, and I didn't think for a second that Trump could win. I still can't believe it today. I feel disgusted that a man like him has been chosen to represent this great country, and by doing so, had his rhetoric and views validated. The fact that a "celebrity" (because that's all he is really) can become president is symptomatic of everything that's wrong with our modern society, and I'm terrified of where we'll be in 20 years, at this rate. Will the next president be picked based on his number of Twitter followers?

    I guess it also shows that we are are very, very unaware of what other people - and by that I mean people we have nothing in common with, not close ones - are thinking, feeling, etc. We focus on our own circles and assume the rest for the world thinks like us, and internet actually contributes to this.

    To draw a parallel to the games industry, we can see the same phenomenon sometimes. Critically acclaimed games that don't sell as well as they should, mobile games being way more popular and making way more money than they should, etc. As informed and "hardcore" gamers, we always feel like we know what's best, and assume that everyone else will feel the same, but it turns out there's a lot of people out there with different tastes and sensibilities.

    I don't even know where I'm going with this, I feel disgusted.

  • @Faaip I'm applying to phD programs right now for marine ecology and last night's election gave me serious pause. I'm very unsure about what the future holds.

    That said, while I know it's hard to stay positive, that doesn't mean you can't still love the people around you. Always make the effort to understand and respect one another, even the people you disagree with.

    One last note: kind of hypocritical, given that I'm posting on a forum, but please don't engage in these kinds of big conversations/arguments online and on social media. Those are inherently counterproductive. Always make an effort to speak with others in person when possible. You can never truly understand what a person is trying to say unless you see them face to face. Body language and tone simply can't be portrayed as words on a screen, and it can be equally harmful surrounding yourself with words and ideas that only line up with yours. That's how the world becomes more and more polarized, and last night we saw how that turns out.

  • @naltmank Oh dude, I know what you mean.. I was planning on applying to join the army after my next semester of grad courses ._.

    Yeah my facebook feed is a mess.. I rarely post much but I'm just avoiding the place for awhile.

  • Seeing some of the hate crimes that have been commited less than two days in, I've been thinking about moving to the US, as the US citizen that I'm, this is making me think about that really hard.