The Official EZA Monster Hunter Community Thread!

  • Easy Ally

    Hello fellow hunters! This is the official thread for talking/playing/celebrating Monster Hunter!!! Please feel free to share 3DS/Wii U friend codes and organize hunts. I'd personally love to jump in for as many as I can manage.

    This is also a perfect place to acclimate newcomers. In my experience, the MH community has been exceptionally welcoming, so let's keep that going. Have questions? Not sure where to start? Ask away!

    Here's a link to a few resources that I've found particularly helpful:

    Kiranico (a database with everything you need) -
    Monster Hunter Reddit (tons of useful information) -
    ProJared Beginner's guide (covers MH3U, but the info is still very helpful) -

    Happy hunting!


  • Easy Ally

    3DS friend code - 0490-7718-8874

    I have Tri, 3U, 4U, and Gen. Happy to play whatever.

  • This is so perfect! I love me some Monster Hunter, and I'm always down to play. I unfortunately haven't gotten to join a stream since the first due to work, but I look forward to any jolly cooperation I can get in the future.

    Feel free to add my 3DS friend code. I own MH3U, 4U, and Generations. I especially love to teach newcomers the basics (I've dragged 4 friends, my brother, and my wife into the franchise), but I would be up for any rank in any of the games!

    Friend Code is: 3050-8092-5588

  • Hello EZA Hunters! Hunting with friends is incredibly fun and I would like to play with my fellow Allies.

    My 3DS friend code is 0018-0810-0115 and my ingame Hunter name is JohnnyB.

    I am currently playing MHGen but I also have MH4U. Mostly play Sword and Shield but can vary it up a bit (no gunner tho...not yet) and am in HR6, taking my time, but my goal is to get my HR unlocked (beat HR7 boss). Feel free to add me. L&R.

  • I'm down for some MHGen with Ben and the Community.

    My Friend Code is: 4441-8981-5349 and my in-game hunter name is Chuck N.

    I'm actually Billy's brother mentioned a couple of posts up. It was cool to see him get on one of Ben's streams, and I would love a chance to play with one of the Allies. I love your stuff; keep up the good work.

  • Dammit, this game looks great.. I'm gonna end up getting a 3DS sometime soon I know it

  • @Faaip $100 for a New 3DS XL on Black Friday...

  • @Billy Gah don't tempt me! I need to get into the groove of handhelds before I make a purchase anyways. Its been years since I've picked up one of my old gameboys unfortunately

  • Friend Code: 1392-4623-9609
    I only have Generations but I'm down to play any time with Ben or any fellow allies!

  • Hello Allies my FC is 1805-2647-2364. Please tell me if you add me on 3ds, as I would like to add you to my friend list as well. My hunters name is Palutena. I am currently HR 64, and have approximately 130 hours on MHgen, as well as 650 hours on MH3U. L+R

  • 3DS friend code: 1435-4996-8336
    IGN: Mammet

    Currently playing Gen but have 4U and 3U as well.

    I play Bow in Gen and SA/CB in 4U.

    I'm down to teach/do whatever with whoever!

  • I went ahead and added everyone who posted thus far. I'm primarily a Guild-Hammer user, but I can run whatever if needed. If anyone is interested in voice chat (since MH lacks any intrinsic voice chat), I set up a Discord server we could use. Just let me know if you'd like to join it.

    @23Skiddoo I believe you were on the one stream I joined. Good stuff!

  • @Billy I'd be down to join the discord sometime

  • @Billy I have never heard of discord, but if it allows voice chat I would like to join.

  • @dbzdonovan

    The nice thing about Discord is that it's constantly active, even if I'm away. Perfect for anyone wanting to jump in and talk.

    Says the invite link is good for 24 hours. Feel free to ask me for another if ya'll want it another day.

  • I just added every friend code until this post. @Billy Oh nice! Good to know. Hope we can play again.

  • I've also added everyone thus far

  • Long sword 4 life.
    I preach the gospel of dunking.

    FC: 2251 - 5611 - 4665

  • Dang! yall are making want to play MH so bad rn but I can't. I'm at the library studying DX.

  • Hey everyone! I'm GMan04 from twitch. I would love to play with people! Ill be adding as many people as I can & I hope you add me. My friend code is 0490-5642-1187. I look forward to all the adventures and quests the Easy Allies chat group has together. Hope to hear a lot of stories as well. L&R