The Official EZA Monster Hunter Community Thread!

  • Would anybody like to hunt?

  • I had played MH3U and MH4U back in the day, and got Generations around August, but I was never able to devote much time to it. Until now! While I catch up to everyone I'd love to hunt with people sometime!

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  • @Jamicov let's play!

  • @BenMoore


  • Youtube Video

    Monster Hunter trailers never disappoint — this is Double Cross, by the way, the so-far Japan-only ultimate version of Generations. I don't expect this to convert any series outsiders, as it is a lot of reused content, but I think these attack and special animations blow anything in most action games out of the water. Just so satisfying.

    Anyway, if you're having a hard time parsing it, the trailer shows the two new hunter styles; monsters returning from past games; new deviant forms of Malfestio, Shogun Ceanataur, and three out of the four Fated Four (the flagship / promotional monsters from Cross); Double Cross' new flagship duo — Barufaruku and the deviant Diablos; and finally a little tease at whatever the new online boss at the end of G rank is supposed to be. Looks wild.

    And finally — since I'm necroing this thread pretty hard, let me just ask: @BenMoore, when are you streaming Generations again? We have yet to get you out of low rank, haha!

  • @Haru17 Oh wow... I haven't looked at any of the double cross coverage, pretty much writing it off as something I would pass on if it came here. Seeing that footage though... It's amazing how hungry I am for more Monster Hunter considering all the time I've already poured into the series.

    It's nice to see the return of so many veteran monsters as well. I was a big fan of Nerscylla armor/hammer. And Lao Shan Lung! At least the Switch will be a region-free system if/when they make the glorious transition back to consoles. I need to start campaigning for the return of water-combat...

  • @Billy Monster Hunter 5 with both aerial and underwater combat on Switch? Oh man, I can't not be excited for that. It's weird with XX launching in March, but only for the 3DS in Japan. Maybe it'll come to the west on Switch, but who can say.

    More than anything I would like for these new individual moves to be incorporated into each weapon's base move set, maybe with some combos to slot in and a choice between the guild style dodge, aerial style vault, and adept style evade rolls. I just want all of the new animations introduced by Generations to be part of a weapon's base move set, regardless of style, if that makes any sense.

  • @Haru17 It'll be interesting to see how they handle movesets coming out of Generations and into future installments. I pretty much only played Guild style (I'm an old man stuck in his comfortable ways), but it seems they were largely successful in making a more diverse and dynamic play experience. Maybe customizable combos could change things up.

  • @Billy I think all hunters are going to have some aerial capabilities more than 4, but not necessarily like Cross at the least. I hope they reinterpret the whole mounting system to something more Shadow of the Colossus-y. Or if not that methodical, just allow aerial attacks, vaults, and running across a monster's back and attacking for a short amount of time.

  • I'm gonna mess around in Generations for a bit. Maybe I'll hop around to one of the other titles. Just want to freshen up on my Monster Hunter. I'm leaving our Discord channel open, so feel free to stop by and say "hi" or to play for a bit.

    EZA Monster Hunters

  • Just a reminder to anyone interested: the beta for Monster Hunter World opens tomorrow on PS4. You can preload the demo today to save yourself some time. Two environments will be available as well as several monsters to hunt; also, you'll get a reward for the full game by playing the demo. Single-player and multiplayer options will also be available.

    I'm not sure how much I'll get to play, but definitely send me a message here, on PSN, or on the EZA Monster Hunter Discord if you'd like to hunt. I'd especially love to hunt with you if you're new to the series, so don't be shy! They've changed a lot, so it'll be a learning experience for all of us.

  • Jumping into the beta for sure, I'm pretty undecided on the game, so I wanna see what I think after playing it tomorrow

  • @bard91 I really hope that World makes a good first impression and is approachable as an entry point. I'm thankful that I stuck it out and discovered one of my favorite franchises, but I understand why lots of folks bailed out early in those earlier titles.

    I don't know how familiar you are with the weapons, but some are way more technical than others. A good starter would be longsword or dual blades. Regardless, let me know if you're up for some multiplayer.

  • Also, there's like a 95% chance of a trailer for the presumptive 5th generation volcano map dropping at PSX tonight. So, there's that.

  • I'm only asking this because I'm on media blackout and I'm afraid I'll see something that I don't want to see, but what is the reward for playing the beta? If it's something like potions and such, I think I'll pass.

    Weekly hunts! :D

  • @MarceloLaborda Completing any of the quests will give you an exclusive camo face paint pattern. The two after that give generic item packs.

  • @Haru17 Thanks! Looks like I'm gonna have to give it a try then.

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    As this being my first real interaction with Monster Hunter I found it all kinda... overwhelming! I mean the world and the monsters was awesome and I had great fun killing things. I just didnt know what half the stuff did or why I needed to play a certain ways. with weapons I just attacked with R2 sometimes and tried to use traps inbetween. Anyone got guides or something I can read to get a better understanding?

  • @Lotias Pick a weapon you're interested in and watch Gaijinhunter's tutorial for Cross/Generation or Arekkz's weapon preview for World for that weapon. The base combos are the same for the whole series, so it either would work.

    They both have general Monster Hunter beginner guides videos as well. Here's one Polygon did.

    You should probably also go to the training ground from the main menu of the beta and try pressing all the buttons. For the beta the immediate next possible combo steps are displayed in the upper right of the screen (it can also be turned off in the options).

    Finally, the hunters notes under the info tab of the pause menu has an explanation of each weapon's unique mechanics and suggested combo.

    Oh, and items wise potions and uaing a whetstone whenever your sharpness gague gets to yellow are most important. Yellow means less damage, so think of it like an upkeep cost.

  • @Lotias I found it somewhat overwhelming as well, the training area did help me by testing a few different weapons, after I found the insect lance and noticed I could do pole vaults all around, then I just stuck to it.

    I found it fun for sure but I'm thinking it won't be something I would like to keep coming back to, I'll play around with it a bit more but this may be enough for me to test the waters and be satisfied with it.