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    As this being my first real interaction with Monster Hunter I found it all kinda... overwhelming! I mean the world and the monsters was awesome and I had great fun killing things. I just didnt know what half the stuff did or why I needed to play a certain ways. with weapons I just attacked with R2 sometimes and tried to use traps inbetween. Anyone got guides or something I can read to get a better understanding?

  • @Lotias Pick a weapon you're interested in and watch Gaijinhunter's tutorial for Cross/Generation or Arekkz's weapon preview for World for that weapon. The base combos are the same for the whole series, so it either would work.

    They both have general Monster Hunter beginner guides videos as well. Here's one Polygon did.

    You should probably also go to the training ground from the main menu of the beta and try pressing all the buttons. For the beta the immediate next possible combo steps are displayed in the upper right of the screen (it can also be turned off in the options).

    Finally, the hunters notes under the info tab of the pause menu has an explanation of each weapon's unique mechanics and suggested combo.

    Oh, and items wise potions and uaing a whetstone whenever your sharpness gague gets to yellow are most important. Yellow means less damage, so think of it like an upkeep cost.

  • @Lotias I found it somewhat overwhelming as well, the training area did help me by testing a few different weapons, after I found the insect lance and noticed I could do pole vaults all around, then I just stuck to it.

    I found it fun for sure but I'm thinking it won't be something I would like to keep coming back to, I'll play around with it a bit more but this may be enough for me to test the waters and be satisfied with it.

  • So, a bunch of personal thoughts after the couple of hours I got to spend in it:

    There is a ton of info on the screen, and they give you access to tons of items and equipment. I know it's so that people can try out different things, but in all honesty, it's mostly superfluous. You'd be fine with just some Mega Potions and a Whetstone for this demo. I disabled the button prompts in the upper-right corner to clear out some screen clutter, and I muted the npc voices. They're real chatty, and I could only take so much "follow the scoutflies." I know to follow them; I just want to explore. In the actual game, I'll leave it on. Game Informer said the tutorial-type dialogue slows down before long. My hands kept defaulting to Dark Souls controls due to the PS4 controller. Something that helped my fumbling was switching items to be toggled with the D-Pad rather than the face buttons.

    I applaud the level of customization they allow. Helps me suit my personal preferences. As for the game itself, it's phenomenal! I am in love with the environments and atmosphere. I'm thankful that the core controls and concepts haven't changed much; my Hammer feels as natural as always. The monsters are awe-inspiring, and provide plenty of thrills while taking them down. I found myself looting a lot at the onset, but I remembered that those are primarily crafting supplies, and it kinda just adds to the clutter in the demo. In the actual game, you choose what items to bring with you; it won't be nearly as overwhelming. They're just providing players with everything in case they wish to use it. Also, I understand the 20-minute time limit, since it's a demo, but I'm looking forward to the much less restrictive final release. It'll allow me time to explore and soak up the world. I'm usually so familiar with the maps of these games, so it'll take a bit to learn these. However, I have every confidence that I'll grow to love them all.

    I'm working tomorrow, but hopefully I'll get in some more time on Monday. I want to play around with the other weapon types more. I'm just extremely happy that all the things I have enjoyed in past entries (minus water combat) are present here, with smart evolutions and a much larger scope.

  • @Billy Yeah, it is pretty great how Monster Hunter (with the exception of underwater and styles) never really takes anything out. Even the jungle gym areas from 4 are represented.

    I actually did find the one thing that was removed though. Y'know that trick in 4 where you could dodge into a climbable wall with your weapon out, press A, and instantly sheathe and cling to the base of the wall? Maybe animation was the reason for removing it 'cause Capcom clearly paid a ton of attention to making sure weapons were animating continuously and not resetting or jumping to different positions (granted that's most MH games). Sheathing's also a bit faster now.

    I really love all of the new functional and destructible elements in the environment. That more than anything else is the aspect this Monster Hunter has leapfrogged the series in. Previous games had really flat, empty — admittedly pretty — levels (except Tri because underwater was completely 3D), and now World has more functional environments than most games today. I even found a little area in the Wildspire Waste with oil spots that you can set alight and burn monsters (and hunters!) with.

    And just in case anyone's curious this was the show floor demo, the difficulty for which was confirmed to have been eased because 50 minute hunts makes for a long line. The actual full release versions of these monsters will be harder hitting, longer-lived, and more aggressive.

  • @Haru17 I kept rolling into a climable wall over and over like a big dummy with my hammer out wondering why I wasn't grabbing hold. Barroth finally knocked me away, and I remembered this is a different game. Oh, and I disabled auto-sheathe rather quickly, as it was driving me insane.

    And yes, these maps are dense with interactions. Like those friggin' paratoads....

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    @Haru17 Awesome! yeah I will need to read up on some of this stuff! I guess in the full game as well it will hold your hand a little more. The beta kinda threw you in there and gave you the tools to play with, but didnt say much about how to play with them. also thinking about putting some time into the training ground as you mention

  • @Lotias This is supposed to be the most accessible entry, but even the older ones ease you in and introduce mechanics much more slowly. These demos always feel like this; you're thrown into a zone with a full loadout and tasked with a large monster hunt. You generally have to work your way up to that point in the full game. I'm not sure there's a better way to do it for demo purposes, considering the level of depth in the full games. Regardless, I'm glad you're having a good time!

  • The time limit in this demo is rather short, and it can feel overwhelming with all of the new environmental variables. Especially in multiplayer.

    Lance, long sword, and dual blades are good starter weapons to try FYI. I used to actually hate how slow lance was, but I'm way into it now that it's been sped up and made a little more fluid.

    @Billy Are you gonna try & hunt on Ben's stream later?

  • @Haru17 I had no clue he was doing one. If it's today, I'm on a 24-hour shift. Also, it would probably be next to impossible to get in; a lot of people own PS4s...

  • @Billy Haha, it might be! I'm betting on Monster Hunter still having the appeal of Monster Hunter, HD or no HD. And yeah, the stream is at 10 am PST this morning, Ben just never put it in the Twitch schedule (it's on the website schedule only).

  • First time I've devoted any sort of time to a Monster Hunter (played a bit of the WiiU one) and it's been going OK. Killed all three hunts solo with a lance but I felt so slow. I've been trying out the long sword and the sword & board in multiplayer with more success. I still keep getting lost in the controls though. Looking forward to the full release!

  • I have mixed thoughts about the change of pacing they've given to the game with more fluid and faster animations. The mechanics are really well polished, even in this beta, but I feel like it does take some of the tension out and I don't quite have that fear of god with the monsters that I felt when I first started playing the other MH games. It's like I know I'll be able to get away and won't be killed with how much more stamina/speed they give you.

    On from that, I feel like the game in general holds your hand a little too much. I was hoping that tracking a monster would be a bit harder than it is, because all you pretty much have to do is press a button and continuously follow the waypoint. It's not very immersive, and just not really fun. I was expecting that you'd have to track the foot prints by your own sight, but on the plus it makes replaying the same mission over and over again more bearable, since the monster's location seem a bit more randomized this time around.

    Another thing, is that the game maps really don't seem big enough to warrant fast-travel, let alone 4 or 5 points per map, and unfortunately the game expects you to use it. Overall, I'm sure that the final product will be a lot harder and more rewarding than the beta, as they've already said they've dumbed down the monster stats for the sake of beginners. That's not to say any these features that concern me will be nixed, though, as I'm sure they appeal to most gamers new to the series.

    If it sounds like I hate the game, I really don't. It's a good next-gen adaption for the series, with very well-polished mechanics that ultimately changes far more things beneficial to skilled players than it bends them for the casual players. At least that's how I feel right now, so maybe I should wait for what the full game turns out to be.

  • The demo was kinda cool... all I thought while playing was, this is what the next dragons dogma is going to look like, which is good. Can someone explain to me the concept of this game? Will all I do is track and kill monsters? I honestly felt overwhelmed with all the options right off the start, and was trying to figure out the point of the game. Found monster killed it, didn't have to even try. Felt bad for chasing him to his lair where he looked like he just wanted to sleep. I feel like I'm just going to feel bad killing everything lol.

  • @CGamor7 said in The Official EZA Monster Hunter Community Thread!:

    Can someone explain to me the concept of this game? Will all I do is track and kill monsters?

    You'll be spending the majority of your time tracking and hunting monsters, but there are other types of quests. Some will require you to capture (not kill) one or more monsters, others to gather resources (which includes mining, fishing, and hunting or capturing smaller creatures) and even steal items from bigger monsters (whelps, eggs, or something valuable they're protecting).

    And it's all about crafting better weapons and equipment so you can take on bigger and stronger monsters, and combining materials to make better or more useful items. This was removed from the beta, and it's one of the best parts of the game!

    You also have access to a farm. Earlier entries in the series let the player do most of the grunt work and even upgrade certain gathering spots with gameplay elements similar to farm simulation games, although in recent years, it's been stripped down to basically nothing, a mini-game or a list of options given by an NPC, so I wouldn't expect too much.

    @CGamor7 said in The Official EZA Monster Hunter Community Thread!:

    I honestly felt overwhelmed with all the options right off the start

    I've been a MH player since the PS2 and PSP days, and the beta was overwhelming even for me! This is because they give you a ton of items so you can try them out, but you normally start with literally nothing and get most of those items when you're somewhat far into the game. In reality, you would only bring the items that are absolutely necessary for a quest and leave a lot of space in your inventory.

  • @CGamor7 It's an emergent action game: you play through the story, then play online to see the different ways a hunt can go, learn new weapon types, and chase after and try out new gear. The demo is tuned for newcomers like yourself, the real game will have these creatures more aggressive and stronger.

  • @MarceloLaborda @Haru17

    Thanks, its definitely an interesting looking game. Will have to keep my eyes on it.

  • If anyone would like to add me to group up send a friend request on PSN!


  • There is a limited number of monsters in the beta of course so what kind of variety can someone expect from the full game? The only hunting game I really played is Soul Sacrifice Delta and it's monster design is quite different due to it's magical fantasy nature.
    I would like to try the second beta out first but I think there is a decent chance I will dive in.

  • @DeimosClay tl;dr: The leak says 27 unique monsters + several alternate versions, series history says to expect around 30, and there will be free DLC monsters.

    Monster Hunter 4's year-later Ultimate edition (the version released in the west) had something crazy like 40 unique monsters and the Generations series, which was like a series compilation title, got up to 70 uniques, which isn't counting all the "Pink Rathian, Furious Rajang" variant type stuff.

    They reached those figures because they were slightly updating and rereleasing monsters with PS2-era hit boxes and animations, and there was a very noticeable difference between the old and the new. With World, even the old monsters like Barroth and Rathalos are completely revamped, and the majority are completely new monsters.

    The last game to do that was Tri, which had 18 monsters, all of them either new or remade, and was developed on a much shorter timeframe than World purportedly has been done with. Every creature in World is newly animated, even the returning ones, so it's much the same situation as with Tri. 4's count of 35 unique monsters isn't unreachable, so something in the neighborhood of that or a little lower would seem apt.

    From the beta the fights are significantly more emergent than before thanks to the interact-able environments, and Monster Hunter has had the most dynamic and replayable boss fights of any game since way before World, so I think it'll prove a very meaty game. Like, 500 hours is common from a MH game.