Misleading Patreon Reward Description?

  • Hi all,

    Just would like to get your thoughts on this.

    The $500 reward states the following:
    "At this level, you’ll become an official sponsor of our streams and shows. Your name, or company name, will be read aloud during every episode of our podcast, and frequently during our other shows. Certain restrictions apply, obviously."

    The part towards the end seems misleading: "and frequently during our other shows". I watch all of the EZA shows and a lot of their streams. I don't recall ever hearing a sponsor outside of Podcast Halftime. Maybe a mention for Scorn once, maybe. Even if it is mentioned now and again, it's definitely far from "frequent".

    Do you think EZA should remove this part? It doesn't seem true. And I wouldn't want them to mislead potential Patreon supporters.

    Or maybe I'm wrong. Do you hear them frequently mention sponsors outside of Podcast Halftime?

    Maybe I'm just being too nitpicky on the matter? Personally I think it's reasonable to ensure that the Patreon rewards are accurately described, especially the pricier ones.

    Maybe they could at least drop the word "frequent".


  • admin

    Yeah, not something that's really happening in practice. None of our sponsors have been bothered by it, so we're playing it safe and simply removing that clause from the description. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • @Bloodworth No problem, glad I could help. Also, thanks for the honesty and keeping on top of things. It's much appreciated.


  • Good spot and good alteration for the rest of the Allies content.

    I think it'd be a good idea to have a different tier for sponsorship on Frame Trap etc but obviously leave that up to you guys.

  • @tokeeffe9 said in Misleading Patreon Reward Description?:

    Good spot and good alteration for the rest of the Allies content.

    I think it'd be a good idea to have a different tier for sponsorship on Frame Trap etc but obviously leave that up to you guys.

    Honestly a little surprised there hasn't been a sponsorship for Frametrap

  • @Lexad agreed, frametrap is super dope!

    @trugs26 I don't think I even read the full details of that reward tier but you know what I do think aobut sometimes is about whether being a sponsor as a "fan" without actually having a company is perhaps not the best for EZA. And I say this fully admitting I don't know the first thing about running a business or sponsorships or anything like that at all. Its more my own anxiety here but I wonder what it looks like to official companies (like the developors of Scorn, or yoyotricks.com) to see their names alongside just "mango". Does that take away from the "officialness" of it all I wonder?

    I truthfully don't even need Mango said anywhere.

    I also wonder if by taking a "sponsor" spot I'm somehow taking away opportunities for other companies to take that spot which would likely spread the name of EZA faster than me just shouting at all my friends. I've noticed that they have increased the number of sponsors and I assume any company looking to become a sponsor that would just contact them and they could increase the spots available easily but I'm not sure.

    If any of the above is true I would not mind at all just moving to a different Tier and manually adjusting my contribution to be what it is. I just want what everyone else here wants and that's what is best for EZA.

  • @Mango I think you raise good points, especially about taking up one of those spots, given that you're not actually promoting anything for a business. I wonder, would you personally be interested if there were two $500 tiers, one for businesses, and another for "fans". Perhaps a different perk?

  • @Mango These are some interesting thoughts you're writing here, I get what you're saying. Maybe you should contact Brandon directly and go over this with him?

    Whatever happens, I appreciate your contribution to EZA. We all do.

  • @Mango Easy fix would be to donate $499 from now on. I'll add a dollar to make up for it ;-)

  • @trugs26 I would not mind a different category at all. I would be okay putting in less from a reward tier perspective and then just manually adjusting my contribution too.

    @Sentinel-Beach I should probably have done that instead of posting truthfully. I'll send out a message to him when I get home from work.

    @TheHashtag0nist lol, good to know you have my back :)