To any Code Geass fans

  • So I'm trying to get into the series, but I just don't get why people like it, It seems to me like just a Harem that has waaay too many episodes, with very predictable twists. Can any of the "Jolly" EZA Forum Members help me change my opinion?

  • Which episode are you at exactly? In the first season?

    I really, really like the twists, for my part. Lelouch is half the fun. Are you watching the dub? It's waaay higher caliber acting than anything you can distinguish from the Japanese, coming from an English background. Johnny Yong Bosch gives probably his best performance and lends a ton of personality to a character that is otherwise just a grandstanding asshole.

    Code Geass is my favorite anime — favorite video-based work, really — because every single element of it matters. Episode 5 is a great example of this. For one, it's the only time when the script writers were brave enough to say "racism" to a late 2000s American audience, despite the series dealing with those themes consistently throughout. But moreover, ep. 5 is a great mixture of the series' best direction, music, narrative within a single episode, and progressive narrative leading into the rest of the series.

  • It's good, but you don't have to like it or anything - though I'd say it's definitely not a harem and that kind of confuses me as to where you are in the series. Him being the pretty boy gets thrown aside pretty early on and even then it's not the "oh no there's forty girls after me and i don't know who to pick!" since he's only really into one of them. Whether you're watching it in Japanese or English really doesn't matter for this show since the English acting isn't vomit inducing so give switching audio a shot if you're that interested in trying to like it.

    It's hard to judge the whole "predictable twists" thing because I'd suggest most of the "twists" in the first half or so aren't really supposed to shock. If you started watching it after someone recommended it as "OMG it's awesome and there's so many twists and turns holy crap it's good!!1!" Then you've probably been misled, but even then I still rate it pretty highly as just a general thing to watch without over-analysing it.

    I'd say to enjoy it just sit back for a bit and re frame your mindset, but if it's unbearable to you don't torture yourself - there's no such thing as "essential anime viewing" and you're allowed to not like some stuff everyone else does; for instance I can't stand Attack on Titan and had to quit after episode 15 or so, but I'm not rocking back and forth terrified that Ben's going to take my anime membership card off me because of it :P

  • @Mr-M said in To any Code Geass fans:

    since he's only really into one of them.

    TFW Shipper's Zen.

    alt text

    ...just a general thing to watch without over-analysing it.

    Very true.

  • @Alberto-Pincay Season two goes off the rails. You might end up hating season one and liking two, personally I'm the opposite. It's also okay to just not like the show and move on. Not everyone likes it. It's just one of those things that got a following in the west. If you're not digging it and don't feel like watching more, explore what else is out there and find something you do dig. You're not doing yourself any sort of disservice to not finish a show like Code Geass.

    Alternatively, stop taking it seriously, and just enjoy how freaking goofy the show unintentionally is.

  • Oh, and by the way: spoilers for R2. Important if you've watched the series and dig it (click).

    November 27th, bois. Mark. The. DATE.

  • My brain is just spinning after reading this. You don't have to like anything, and it doesn't seem as if you like it. But Code Geass is in no way whatsoever a Harem anime, and 25 episodes per season is so far from being "waaay too many episodes" that I'm wondering if you are accidentally watching the wrong anime.