Final Fantasy XV Xbox One, PS4, and PS4 Pro comparison.

  • that frame pacing issue has been on alot of ps4 ports of multiplats

  • It's
    the exact
    same — go figure!

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    This isn't Digital Foundry.

  • This isn't Totalbiscuit! This isn't a PC game!! tHiNgS aRe ChAnGiNg!?!??

  • Video creator is NX Gamer. Fantastic game analysis and tech channel on youtube. He does a really good job with these videos and sometimes gets them out even before digital foundry. Did any of you notice what was said from 7:42 - 8:02? If that turns out to be true, the pro version will definitely be worth it. Only time will tell.

  • Is the Pro patch for FF15 even out yet?

  • @suplextrain
    No, the Pro patch is coming sometime in early December offering 1080/60 or 4K/30

  • Why would anyone choose 4K, assuming the 60 fps actually works? How H does our D really need to be?

  • I've seen a few comparisons, the drawback here is that nobody really seems to read very well (Not saying you guys, but the majority of people referencing these videos when deciding which version to buy) At launch the PS4 pro will run it slightly higher framerate than the regular PS4 and with what looks like to me slightly better AA and rendering.

    The patch due to come out in december (As mentioned, but to date there hasn't be a set date for said patch, you could very well finish it before this patch is done) is set to increase that framerate to 60fps 1080/30 fps 4K (As mentioned).

    So at launch there's not a solid enough benefit unless you own a 4K TV or just a really good one with HDR (Which even the base PS4 can utilize now).

    However it looks like to me the AA and rendering is a bit jumpy on XB1 compared to PS4, IMO it's looking a bit worse than PS4 but not enough for it to really matter, you'd have to be really picky to care.

  • Best comparison video I have seen yet! I own a PS4 Pro and 4K TV so it's pretty great to see that Square Enix will be supporting 4K on day one. I was a bit sketched out before because I knew Hajime Tabata originally wasn't to sure how well they would be able to take advantage of the Pro on day one due to the resources it would require but fill at ease after seeing it running at a solid 30 FPS.

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    Ahhhh, much better.

    Youtube Video

  • Barely any difference, as expected, not worth to play their .5 generation bullshit.

  • this game was announced in 2006 i was 14 then im 24 now and were only 13 days away