Huber Syndrome - Official Discussion Thread

  • @descendfromgrace No way?! Any links?

  • Catching up on videos now, currently watching gaming habits.

    If there is still time in that Halloween gaming slot, get SOMA in there!

    I think like most people, I like to play in a dark room if I play a game. As long as there isn't any glare on the screen.

    My other habit is very dependant on the game but for the likes of a Journey, Abzu or Horror game I will wear headphones. I just need to get soaked into those worlds.

  • Again, not as far behind but catching up again.

    Casey Affleck is such an underrated actor.

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    @tokeeffe9 I agree! he is really good and even if I thought the murder of..... film were super long, he really lifted that film up.

  • @tokeeffe9 He's really good in Gone Baby Gone (as well), if you've seen that film. Which was kind of a sleeper hit for myself, it surprised me positively in a big way.

  • I love Gone Baby Gone. I've watched it a bunch of times.

  • Not a movie, or even a Western in this sense, but Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy is one of the most beautifully written books I've ever read and makes great use of the "Wild West" setting. If you haven't read it yet, I highly suggest you do! Just take it slow - really take the time to let each sentence sink in. I tried blazing through it my first time through, but forced myself to stop, start from the beginning, and go through with a highlighter and post its to mark my favorite passages. I will never be that good at writing, but this is my model.

  • Such a great show!

  • Anyone know why there hasn't been a new episode yet? Nothing on Huber's Twitter.

  • Was there never a Talking Syndrome for the Darkest Dungeon episode? Just wondering because now there's a new episode after the last one in the playlist without the TS there in between.

  • I don't remember there being one.

    On the latest episode I was kind of hoping for a bit more obscure stuff but it was still nice to get a preview as I'm a bit out of the loop with movies right now.

    That said I'm easily most looking forward to Dunkirk.

  • The latest syndrome just made me realise I've missed so many movies last year.

    Need to write up a movie and game backlog!

  • @tokeeffe9 You have to watch Arrival first if you haven't. And don't watch any trailers, just go in blind and you'll be suprised.

  • @Raitis That's actually one of the few I have watched and I like the self contained story in the movie itself but I think it kind of falls apart if you think about it at all.

    I posted more thoughts in the 'Last movie you watched' topic

  • I loved Huber's reactions in the newest episode when it came to the REAL ESTATE! :D Never change. :)
    Youtube Video

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    Huber <3

    This episode I felt like I really could relate to! I was there a few weeks ago with chaos on my mind due to my backlog. Thanks to this community that got me on the right track again

  • Oh boy, this is an episode that definitely hits. I have been keeping a list (34 games strong currently) of all the home console games (a few extras too) I've missed since I restarted travelling back in August.

    But I don't mind that I've missed the zeitgeist on these games. Sometimes that is just overstated. Right now is a good example, lots of people are enjoying Persona 5 and talking about it but at the same time it's a game that you can play in pure isolation and love.

    For me, I cannot wait to get home (soooonnnn) and play The Last Guardian. It's the only game that I have to play as soon as I possibly can and then after that I'll just slowly go through the backlog depending on what game happens to be on sale or whatever I'm interested in at that time. I really feel like that's the best way to go.

    Multiplayer games are a whole different beast though. They really are games that you kind of have to be in the moment of. Fortunately I can still play Overwatch and it's popular enough that I don't have to worry about but it is a bit sad that I probably won't ever play For Honor.

    Anyway I've no idea if that helps in anything but boy I can't wait to dig into my backlog at my own pace. Play what you want to play.

  • @tokeeffe9

    I said the same about finishing university. I can't wait to play all of these video games once I finish and have time.

    I have the pleasure and misfortune of being employed immediately out of exams and as it turns out, I have less time now than ever....

    Good luck tho