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  • @tokeeffe9 You have to watch Arrival first if you haven't. And don't watch any trailers, just go in blind and you'll be suprised.

  • @Raitis That's actually one of the few I have watched and I like the self contained story in the movie itself but I think it kind of falls apart if you think about it at all.

    I posted more thoughts in the 'Last movie you watched' topic

  • I loved Huber's reactions in the newest episode when it came to the REAL ESTATE! :D Never change. :)
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    Huber <3

    This episode I felt like I really could relate to! I was there a few weeks ago with chaos on my mind due to my backlog. Thanks to this community that got me on the right track again

  • Oh boy, this is an episode that definitely hits. I have been keeping a list (34 games strong currently) of all the home console games (a few extras too) I've missed since I restarted travelling back in August.

    But I don't mind that I've missed the zeitgeist on these games. Sometimes that is just overstated. Right now is a good example, lots of people are enjoying Persona 5 and talking about it but at the same time it's a game that you can play in pure isolation and love.

    For me, I cannot wait to get home (soooonnnn) and play The Last Guardian. It's the only game that I have to play as soon as I possibly can and then after that I'll just slowly go through the backlog depending on what game happens to be on sale or whatever I'm interested in at that time. I really feel like that's the best way to go.

    Multiplayer games are a whole different beast though. They really are games that you kind of have to be in the moment of. Fortunately I can still play Overwatch and it's popular enough that I don't have to worry about but it is a bit sad that I probably won't ever play For Honor.

    Anyway I've no idea if that helps in anything but boy I can't wait to dig into my backlog at my own pace. Play what you want to play.

  • @tokeeffe9

    I said the same about finishing university. I can't wait to play all of these video games once I finish and have time.

    I have the pleasure and misfortune of being employed immediately out of exams and as it turns out, I have less time now than ever....

    Good luck tho

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    @GoTaco Oh I am in the very same boat! I was like "time to clear up backlog!" ...after graduation I went right into work and well... even if I can afford to buy them now... I dont have time to play them as much

  • @Lotias

    Dude it sucks. At this rate I'll finish my games in like 3 years lol

  • Everyone's in the same boat! Portable gaming has let me fill in some of my "retro" backlog, but all these 2016/17 games are piling up...

  • I'm currently watching Halt and Catch Fire and I was I crazy or did Huber mention it on Huber Syndrome or Frame Trap?

  • Huber Syndrome E3 Special hype! It'll be here soon, and it'll be beautiful again. :)

  • How can you not love this man? :) These E3 episodes are the best, that enthusiasm between Huber and the people is just joyous. Thanks for Don, too! And I gotta say, Brad's favourite Dragon Ball character took me by surprise.

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  • Although I don't know if my anxiety would let me handle that many people in one place like E3, I feel relieved just knowing someone as jolly as Huber is walking around. The man dishes out soft-serve hype like he was an ice cream salesman going out of business, I love it.

  • The budget!

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    Feels good, just having an episode to gather ourselves. I'm looking forward to all the games he mentioned.

    Then we have SotC, the dream. I already thought about it on a daily basis, now I've something to look forward to also.

  • New episode is up

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    As someone who missed out in the back half of 2016, the last 9 or so months have just been insane. Just drowning in great games :)

  • New Episode

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    Huber has piqued my interest in Everybody's Golf. Sounds ridiculously jolly!

    Definitely on the same boat with the 2nd half of the year. 100% will be getting Uncharted and The Evil Within 2. The big question is if I'll pick up a Switch for Odyssey which is genuinely very tempting.

  • Latest episode is up. Beefy one about movies. I'm ready

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  • Mostly stuffed with the bigger movies which isn't a huge surprise.

    Shout out to Ian Hinck for bringing my attention to The Killing of a Sacred Lamb. I really liked The Lobster so I'll keep an eye out for this one. Also, I'd previously seen the trailer for A Ghost Story, so I'm already interested in that.

    Pretty surprised Dunkirk wasn't brought up. Just came out today and has received glowing reviews. Personally, been looking forward to it for a while now.

  • Latest episode is up on tv shows from this year

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  • Huber's own personal gambling history was something bigger than I had thought. He seems genuinely uncomfortable talking about it even this much. I remember that poker boom around '05 etc. We played in high school as well, even skipped class a few times, which I literally never before had done. I was hooked, I feel you Huber.

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