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    @GoTaco Oh I am in the very same boat! I was like "time to clear up backlog!" ...after graduation I went right into work and well... even if I can afford to buy them now... I dont have time to play them as much

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    Dude it sucks. At this rate I'll finish my games in like 3 years lol

  • Everyone's in the same boat! Portable gaming has let me fill in some of my "retro" backlog, but all these 2016/17 games are piling up...

  • I'm currently watching Halt and Catch Fire and I was I crazy or did Huber mention it on Huber Syndrome or Frame Trap?

  • Huber Syndrome E3 Special hype! It'll be here soon, and it'll be beautiful again. :)

  • How can you not love this man? :) These E3 episodes are the best, that enthusiasm between Huber and the people is just joyous. Thanks for Don, too! And I gotta say, Brad's favourite Dragon Ball character took me by surprise.

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  • Although I don't know if my anxiety would let me handle that many people in one place like E3, I feel relieved just knowing someone as jolly as Huber is walking around. The man dishes out soft-serve hype like he was an ice cream salesman going out of business, I love it.

  • The budget!

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    Feels good, just having an episode to gather ourselves. I'm looking forward to all the games he mentioned.

    Then we have SotC, the dream. I already thought about it on a daily basis, now I've something to look forward to also.

  • New episode is up

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    As someone who missed out in the back half of 2016, the last 9 or so months have just been insane. Just drowning in great games :)

  • New Episode

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    Huber has piqued my interest in Everybody's Golf. Sounds ridiculously jolly!

    Definitely on the same boat with the 2nd half of the year. 100% will be getting Uncharted and The Evil Within 2. The big question is if I'll pick up a Switch for Odyssey which is genuinely very tempting.

  • Latest episode is up. Beefy one about movies. I'm ready

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  • Mostly stuffed with the bigger movies which isn't a huge surprise.

    Shout out to Ian Hinck for bringing my attention to The Killing of a Sacred Lamb. I really liked The Lobster so I'll keep an eye out for this one. Also, I'd previously seen the trailer for A Ghost Story, so I'm already interested in that.

    Pretty surprised Dunkirk wasn't brought up. Just came out today and has received glowing reviews. Personally, been looking forward to it for a while now.

  • Latest episode is up on tv shows from this year

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  • Huber's own personal gambling history was something bigger than I had thought. He seems genuinely uncomfortable talking about it even this much. I remember that poker boom around '05 etc. We played in high school as well, even skipped class a few times, which I literally never before had done. I was hooked, I feel you Huber.

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    This episode felt more heavy and "darker" than previous episodes. I want to give him kudos for talking about this clearly hard subject!

  • That's really interesting to hear just because of how relatable it is. Now I didn't have any gambling issues, whenever I played it was very much so for fun and things did definitely get out of hand at times just in regards the amount we'd play for sometimes but I always knew the line. Unfortunately others, while not necessarily playing poker that much anymore, have still kept up gambling to the extent where it's clearly an addiction.

  • I was always too pissed off when I lost money to ever get addicted to gambling, but I did play poker for a while with the mindset of spending x amount of money on x amount of time of entertainment. I have watched a few of the WSP events and such and I think I enjoy gambling more when in events like that where everyone has the same buy in, and there's a fixed prize pot and payout tiers. I guess I like goals. :)

  • Happy 30th birthday, Huber!

  • Latest episode is on the smaller games of 2017

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    Nearly finished it. Absolutely loving the vibes of the episode.

    I'd just like to add 2 games, Nex machina and The Sexy Brutale.

    Nex Machina is a twin stick shooter by the guys behind Resogun and Stardust. It's an absolute blast. Just crazy amount of voxels blowing up all over the place and a cracking soundtrack to go with it.

    The Sexy Brutale is like an adventure puzzle game where you're in a mansion stuck in a time loop, saving the guests from being killed. Very early on in this one but it's a cool satisfying game so far.

    We're just drowning in all types of games this year.

  • Just realized that Talking Syndromes aren't coming into YouTube anymore. They're only on Twitch archives for the last five weeks. Is this a deliberate decision? Has Huber mentioned about this? I mean sure, it's kind of a "light" show and therefore doesn't necessarily defend it's place on the main channel, but there were times when it was nice to hear Huber going on about practically everything imaginable for half an hour.