I beat Dark Souls 1 for the first time last night

  • @Nillend Duddddddddddddde. Go back and totally play DS1 and DS2. They are to me have a better open world games than DS3 especially DS1. If you are playing on PC then there are tons of mods to alter the appearance of the game and support your gameplay experience and enhance it. Every Souls game is amazing that's what a true soul fan should say and must play. I being a hardcore souls fan still rank Demons souls/Dark Souls above the sequels due to better level design, world, atmosphere and characters.

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    I imagine you're right, that DS1 is a lot more difficult to go back to now but from a purely nostalgic point of view, it is still my favourite of the Dark Souls series. It just had that aura of being very unique and that's difficult to retain with each sequel.

    That said, of all the games, Bloodborne is my favourite. I've completed it several times, I've helped out others. I just love going back to it. The art, the soundtrack and sound design, the quicker pace to combat, incentive attacking... all these things just add to make it a wonderful experience. The DLC is fantastic too.

    Overall, I think the whole souls series (including Demon & Bloodborne) is excellent. Dark Souls 2 is merely good in comparison to the other which are all fantastic games in my opinion.

  • Personally I love Demon's Souls the best, but playing Dark Souls 3 on PC at 60fps makes going back to the other games pretty tough. I went back to go through DS1 again after beating DS3 and it was like walking in chest high mud. It took awhile before it started to feel normal again. I enjoy PC gaming but I never gave the 30 vs 60 fps thing much of a thought until now.

    What I'm hoping for is Souls Game Collection remastered @ 60fps and high res textures :heart:

  • I've been playing DS1 after my first souls game which was Bloodborne (I'd played Demon Souls before but only a few hours) despite its age I've really liked DS1... however at around 32 hours in I've got to Ornstein & Smough... I'm now 40 hours in and have no humanity and no hope of beating this awful boss.

    Completely stuck.

  • @sam Try staying behind the pillars and use dex weapons enchanted with crystal magic weapon assuming you went through a dex/int build.

  • I beat dark souls 1 on Sunday. Honestly some of my favorite lore in any game. Artorias is the coolest! I even started using the artorias greatsword instead of my other greatsword just because.
    The world was really cool and everything, but I felt really annoyed when I was getting near the end and only had tomb of the giants and bed of chaos fight left, and I thought both were lame. At least the final boss fight was probably my favorite in the game. With that song, oh so good!

  • @sam honestly I thought that fight was fun, once you figure out smough's moves and when you can actually get attacks in it won't be as bad

  • @Gladam Basically I was constantly telling myself while playing DS1 "if only I could explore this world with the controls of DS3". My main frustrations with DS1 were in the comparative clunkiness of movement (and some gripes with the level design, mainly with the abundance of psuedo-platforming, not exactly the game's strong suit) but of course the world, monsters, characters, and bosses were all top notch.

  • @Bumblebee_Ness God Bed of Chaos. Just thinking about that fight gives me conniptions. I recognized what I had to do pretty quickly (jump into the pit, land on the walkable branch) but I must have missed that jump like 7 or 8 times, not even exaggerating. Goes back to what I was saying about the platforming being awkward plus "hold B to run, press B while running to jump" is way worse than how DS3 does it (and how I think DS2 does it as well).

    Artorias was definitely my favorite boss fight. He took the most tries for me to beat by far, but I also felt like he was really fair and interesting. I really had to learn his patterns, dodge, and counterattack while most other bosses I got away with circle strafing them up close with my shield up. So many of the later bosses didn't feel like much of a challenge but this guy wrecked me in the best way possible.

    My favorite bosses overall were Artorias, Priscilla (not hard, but very interesting fight), O & S (didn't find them as difficult as they're hyped to be, but definitely tough), Gwyn, and Sif.

    The Demons, Kalameet, Ceaseless Discharge, Four Kings, Seath, Nito, Iron Golem, and Manus I just circle strafed to death.

  • @OddMan11 I couldn't bring myself to kill Priscilla, something about her being an abomination hiding away and not even trying to kill me, couldn't do it.