Will PS4 pro Life expectancy decrease If I consistently play games on 4k instead of 1080p

  • I was just wondering about this. Will playing consistently in 4k melt the part or rather increase in the degradation more quickly than if you were to play games on 1080p. I hope that makes sense.

  • that would be a horribly designed product if true. youre fine

  • It will surely melt your face as you can't handle the awesome graphsics, but don't worry otherwise it won't affect anything.

  • The hardware will be running whether you're using it or not, there's no on/off when it comes to that. Might as well use it.

  • I mean, it entirely depends on how the PS4 Pro actually runs games on 4k. It most likely just upscales the game to 4k, but if it does have to overclock the CPU in order to do that then it does make sense that it would lower the lifetime of the product.

    That could be by a week or a year, we have no idea.

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    Unless you mean smashing it with a hammer there shouldn't be a problem. Hardware are design to be used, this to be 4k - so yeah its fine.

  • PS4 PRO has an overclocked CPU. When playing PS4 PRO for non-PRO games it will downclock itself to the old PS4 CPU speed. So that would mean the CPU would in theory last longer while not overclocked. Though all hardware acts differently and "life expectancy" is usually way longer than you will keep the product anyway. Overclocking a CPU can reduce life expectancy from maybe 10 years to 8. You would still change your CPU after about 5 years at most normally.

    Will 4K act the same way compared to 1080? No idea. But if it did the impact isn't something you'd notice. Hopefully.