Looking for that scene where Bosman talks about concept art

  • And he likes the new Starwars droid concept art but he hates the Mighty Number 9 art.

    It doesn't help that I think it was a bonus bit, which usually has nothing to do with the title of the episode.

    So yeah if anyone knows which one it is please let me know because I need to throw it at someone- thanks bye. :)

  • You're thinking about the latest released episode he did "Capcom is Better than Nothing - Bosman at Home Ep. 6".
    He also does some talk about MN9 back in Gametrailers days in the "How to Fail a Kickstarter - The Final Bosman" episode.

  • Thanks, perfect.

    Youtube Video – [11:13..]

    Exactly what the people need to see.