Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals 2016

  • Seeing as two of the biggest shopping days are right around the corner I figured id make a thread for everyone to share any deals and ads they have come across
    (unless of course there is already another thread, in which case just merge this one with it)
    Anyway Here is Gamestop
    Best Buy (looks like a new page is being added easch day)

  • If somebody wants to PM me to help me with a new PC build, greatly appreciated. Gonna probably make some purchases on these sale days.

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    thx thx thx

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    Keep an eye on as well.

  • up here in the great white north black friday sucks lol

  • @FF7Cloud

    I bought my winter coat from The Bay for $120 regular $350 or $400. I've been noticing a lot of companies are doing it. NCIX and Newegg Canada also partake.

  • @GoTaco im in the maritimes though so we dont get anything

  • I think im going to break down and buy a Steam Box during Gamestop's sale, would be nice to be able to play half the games I have on my steam list.

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    is this for US, or will people keep an eye on UK stuff as well? I see that Amazon Uk already have started with deals!

  • @Lotias
    Im just posting US stuff, but feel free to post anything for UK retailers if you can find them.

  • @FF7Cloud

    Yeah I feel that. I'm a typical self-centred Southern Ontarian so I'm used to the boarder being prominent. I know a lot of our sales are to keep Canadian's X-Mas shopping in Canada instead of the US.

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    @FF7Cloud Haligonian here. Black Friday may as well be a regular day of the week.

  • @El-Shmiablo im only about 4 hours from ya im between moncton and saint john

  • PSN: I just picked up Hitman compete season 1 and Street Fighter V. I used current flash sale prices, plus the current 10% off coupon, D9NGJ7NF3L.

  • The PSN deals are pretty good!

    I just picked up Life Is Strange for €5.99, I'm excited to finally try it out!

    I mean, it's in the EZA Top 100, so I can't go wrong there, right? ;)

  • bought fairy fencer off of the black friday sale on psn seen that amano and Uematsue where both involved i got it and used the 10% off code which i learned after was for your whole purchase i thought it was just good for one game.

  • Got some pretty cool games so far

    • Hitman for $30 on XBL's sale
    • Telltale's Batman game for about $13 on XBL's sale
    • Madden 17 from the Microsoft Store (gotta have that physical copy for my boy Gronk!)
    • Maybe the best one yet: pre ordered FFXV from the Microsoft Store for $35 either due to a pricing error or a very generous black friday deal on a game that hasn't come out yet. I also got 15,000 rewards points for being an Xbox Rewards member, which is $15 on my xbox live account. So when we do the math I got FFXV for $20. Pretty stoked.

    A little over $80 on four games!

  • @TheOhrenberger That FF price definitively has to be an error, still a pretty sweet error to catch.

    Interesting to see that Batman has a higher discount on XBL than on PSN, I'm not sure if I wanna get it right now or not.

  • @bard91 I think it is but some people think that it's a response to low preorder numbers for the Xbox version since newegg also did a pretty big discount on it right after. both sites sold out quickly. If it was an error hopefully it holds up!

  • Dishonored 2 is on sale for only $35 on amazon right now and it's the limited edition of the game meaning it comes with a download code for the definitive edition of the original Dishonored too. Skyrim: Special Edition is only $25 on amazon as well.

    I picked up both of those along with the new version of the DualShock 4 (on sale for $39) and the PlayStation Gold Headset (on sale for $60).

  • Bought my brother his own PS4 (came with Uncharted 4, TOoK, and Ratchet& Clank) pretty sure he will trade the games in since I already own copies of them.
    Then bought Skyrim, Battlefront Ultimate Edition, Bioshock Collection (RE bought as I had to sell it and a few others to cover the last minute announcement of FFXV coming out of my account) Titanfall 2, and I am Setsuna.