Representation Matters! A survey about video games in mainstream media

  • Hi Allies!

    I guess we are all aware of how games are often being either ignored or misrepresented in mainstream media. While things do improve, it seems video games are still struggling to be recognized as an entertainment medium, let alone an art form.
    I ask for the community's help in answering my survey which I intend to use for my Master thesis. You can find additional details in the survey link, but I would also like to hear your general opinions on that matter and discuss it further.
    Your cooperation is highly appreciated!
    I look forward to see what you guys have to say on the matter.



  • @Navemono Waseda is a dope school, good luck with the masters! Filling out the survey now.

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    Fun survey! answered and liked it! was a little hard to find "specific" times when talking about its representation in media etc

  • @Navemono Fun thesis! Glad to help in any way that I can.

  • @naltmank Yeah it's a lot of fun! Are you also a student here in Tokyo?
    Thanks a lot for filling out the survey!

  • @Navemono No, I teach English out in Ibaraki but I have friends that went there for undergrad.

  • @Lotias @SabotageTheTruth Thank you guys so much for taking the time to check out my survey! Yeah thinking about specific references about games in mainstream media can be tricky, but I think that if something drew enough attention to recall it might be worth checking:)

  • @naltmank Oh cool, Ibaraki has some gorgeous places! Well if you're around Tokyo and wanna grab a beer EZA style let me know!

  • @Navemono Will do! My grandma still lives out in western Tokyo so I head into town fairly often. We need to keep the Japan allies community strong!

  • @Navemono Weird timing, as Grade just released a video with some interesting and relevant clips.

    Youtube Video

    The bit that refers to the media starts at 3:10, but the whole thing is worth a watch just because it's Grade.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Great stuff thanks a lot!
    Very relevant and some useful references I'll definitely make use of.
    News are no doubt the worst offenders, but I think other forms of mainstream media are also not doing justice with the video games medium. The representation is usually simplistic and narrow, with games anonymously pop up on screen for split-second as the character meshing buttons with no correlation to the actual game, which is just a minor example. I remember reading somewhere a great description, that in a way video games depiction in most films and TV shows are similar to driving a car, where actors wiggle the wheel around despite being on a straight road :/

  • Survey answered. Also, I shared the survey to other students in my school, so perhaps few more answers may come that way. Hopefully that helps.

  • @jipostus Much appreciated! It helps a lot, was wondering about the boost in replies, thank you!
    EZA community is truly incredible.

  • Hey dude, replied to your survey.
    Only critique I had was that the lowest time for video games you have down is 7 hours or less and this could just mean that I'm not your target demographic, but that seems to me like you're gonna end up lumping a large group of gamers into the same category as its such a wide margin which might make it harder for you to break down your results afterwords for a more detailed analysis. just my two cents (its minor i know)
    I still very much consider myself a hardcore gamer but being a working professional with a family if I find an hour or two a week to game I'm lucky.
    good luck with your masters,
    cheers dude.

  • @Mango Thanks a lot for both your comment, feedback and for taking the time to answer the survey! I definitely see your point, in-fact I also consider myself to be a hardcore gamer with very little time for gaming. I understand how it can create a discrepancy between gaming time and the definition of hardcore gamers. I actually didn't consider that at first, I assumed that most casual gamers will probably fall under that category (gaming an hour or less per day on any platform), but didn't really take in account people like us :/
    Since I can't change the survey, I will have to address replies of those who pick the 7 hours category and consider themselves as hardcore gamers, which can be an interesting sage-way to discussing the definition of hardcore gamers in a more comprehensive way than gaming time.
    Thanks a lot for your insight buddy!