Sidekicks, Partners, and Crews.

  • Games! Anime! Movies! One of the most important character types is the right-hand of the protagonist. So, who are your favorites?

    Mine are:
    Midna- Twilight Princess
    Nyanko-sensei/Madara- Natsume Yuujin-cho
    Junpei Iori- Persona 3
    The Lupin Crew (Jigen, Fujiko, and Goemon)- Lupin the 3rd
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  • The OG Mario crew (Luigi, Peach, Bowser) are actually pretty great characters in Super Paper Mario. And of course Goombella & co. are great.

    Midna (2006) and Ellie (2016) are probably some of the best realized sidekicks in gaming — both featuring amazing, expressive facial animation for their time.

    And I would be remiss if I did not mention Laura Bailey's Serana from Skyrim's Dawnguard expansion. She subverts the seductive lady vampire trope in wonderful ways and simply has a legit good arc in her own right. Dawnguard is secretly about her and it's the best. I want Bethesda to keep expanding on companions and character drama like they did in Fallout 4 — they're great at it when they make it a focus.

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  • Some slightly unconventional picks from me:
    Argo in Shadow of the Colossus. I feel like the relationship between Argo and Wander adds to the beauty of the game, even if from a gameplay perspective he was frustrating to handle sometimes.
    Your starter Pokemon - The one pokemon that will always be in my party throughout the entire game, no matter what. I had an admittedly too long period of disillusionment (gen 5 and 6) where I thought I would play the game looking towards the competitive scene, and as a result it sometimes became hard for me to stick with my starter. After buying Red version on the eshop when it came out earlier this year, I decided to go full RP, and treat the game like I used to: like I was going on an adventure with some monster buddies. I became so much more attached to my starter than I ever had before, and I love that feeling of someone being there with me and growing with me throughout the entire game.

    A more conventional pick:
    The party in Chrono Trigger - They all become so fleshed out throughout the game, so much so that I began using different party combos solely because I liked peoples' personalities and wanted them to shine. God that game is perfect.

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    Interesting thread!

    In many games the sidekicks can be utterly rubbish. However there are a few that I really liked.

    Elisabeth- Bioshock Infinite. She can take care of herself, finds you items and help you when needed. Being a young woman she touched me greatly and stay away from anoying cliches others may fall into.

    BT7472 - Titanfall 2. Your partner in crime through the campaign. Being a robot created for combat I liked the way he came across as caring for you and being effective in combat when you decided to run by yourself. Just a shame the campaign wasnt longer! ..also really nice when you get to go inside your partner.. heuheuheu.

    Daxter - Jak & Daxter. He is the talking face of the game with Jak seems to be mute. Having cleaver comments and being a bit silly he still made me smile playing through the game! Also commenting on your missfortune when you die are awesome :3