Swamped with games, should I still get FFXV?

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    As we all know Final Fantasy XV comes out relatively soon here, November 29th to be exact in the US. While I have been looking forward to this game for years, watched the anime shorts and even purchased and watched Kingsglaive I am rather torn about getting FFXV on day one. I really do think the game looks promising but I am in the middle of a few games right now! I am currently playing Titanfall 2 and Dragon Quest Builders and will soon be getting Killing Floor 2 for PlayStation 4 and also Dragon Ball Fusions for 3DS. As you can see I am quite backed up here and I don't have a crazy amount of time to play games like I used too. Do you guys think I should try and get Final Fantasy XV on day one, give into my excitement or wait a couple months until I can clear my plate? Any advice and opinions is appreciated.

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    If you feel like you can avoid the internet for a good while because of potential spoilers then get the game whenever you feel most comfortable, but if there's a sale this Black Friday then I say go for it.

  • It ain't going anywhere, and by the time you do have time for it, it might be cheaper.

  • I say buy it and — depending on how Cloud and Aerith-y it gets — alternatively get with or murder the Great White Waifu.

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    (SE is just asking for this kind of joke with the her whole destiny complex about supporting Noctis, not to mention all of the freakin' gold anime sparkles.)

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    Speaking of dead blonde girls.

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    Thank you, she a redhead doe.

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    XV comes out after black friday

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    @DMCMaster Everything I know is a lie! D:

  • The season pass looks legit, and they are talking of adding a female playable character if demand is there so like a lot of rpg's now and days there's gonna be a complete/game of the year edition. Follow your heart.

  • The big question for me is actually: will it come to the Switch? Because then I'd much rather wait for that version.

  • So many good points being made, I know it will be there when I'm ready but part of me is afraid I'll miss the hype of it all! and every time I see a cool clip it makes it hard to pass up on. Also I recently got a PS4 Pro so I'm excited to see how good it look on that first hand. But I'm sure i can avoid spoilers, I feel like the right thing to do is to just wait until I beat the game I currently have and am enjoying.