Best games to buy in Japan

  • Hi Allies!

    I have a 24 hour layover in Tokyo coming up and I was planning on going to the Akihabara District. I've never been to Japan, so I'm a little unsure what to do. I want to pick up a few Japan exclusive games and I was looking for ideas. The systems I have that aren't region locked are Gameboy, GBA, DS, PSP, PS3 and PS4. Also, if anyone has any recommendations of places to visit or eat at in Tokyo, let me know!

    Love and Respect,

  • Damn...can you pick me up a physical copy of Dragon Quest Builders (English) for the PS Vita?? j/k

    For what it's worth, I'm pretty sure that game and Attack on Titan are both games that only have physical English releases in Japan.

    I was in Japan this year and came across a second hand store that had a great stash of old random games. Just wanna remind you that even if your console is region locked, peripherals typically aren't (check to make sure). I was able to stock up on accessories for a lot of my old systems. I got an SNES mouse, maxed out my gamecube controllers, dreamcast lightgun, PS2 Taiko drums, and memory cards for PS2 and dreamcast.

    Happy hunting! Oh and get yourself a nice bowl of ramen if you can.

  • A 24 hour layover isn't nearly enough time!

    If you're going to be in Akiba anyways, I recommend lunch at either Queen of Chickens or Pepper Lunch. There's a good kebab stand around in one of the back alleys, too, but I can't remember the name. And yes, Ramen, yakitori, and unagi places are plentiful. Check under the elevated train tracks.

    There's a cat cafe and an owl cafe around there somewhere if that's your jam.

    You'll probably just want to wander around and look at shops and game arcades and stuff.

    Watch out for delivery trucks. I got clipped by one's reverse mirrors last time I was in that neighborhood, and while they immediately jumped out to apologize, and we're worried if I was ok, I feel like maybe it happens a lot. Some of those back streets are tiny.

  • @TokyoSlim Try driving past them on a road clearly meant to be one way :/

  • @naltmank I think that i will not try.

  • Thanks for the tips! I'm for sure going to keep my eyes out for some accessories. I'm going to try to find one of the Famicom Classic consoles, but they seem to be as hard to find as the NES classic is here.

  • You could get Gundam Extreme Vs or Full Boost for PS3, they have english menus

    or maybe Super Robot Wars Original Generations Moon Dwellers in full english if you can find it

    Initial D Extreme Stage is in japanese but faitly intuitive and a cool racing game