The Game Awards Nominees

  • To the point about timing I agree but for only one reason: FF XV comes out TWO DAYS before the awards and the Last Guardian FIVE days after. The winners will have been decided by then. Granted, I don't think they would win, but I'm someone of principle.

    My picks and predictions (I have ZERO knowledge of E-Sports, Fan Creations, Games for Impact, and Strategy, so I can't give thoughts on something I don't know.):

    Trending Gamer: Pulling for - Danny O'Dwyer; Predicting - I can't. Anyone could take it
    Anticipated Game: Pulling for - God of War, Horizon, and Mass Effect; Predicting - RDR 2 or Zelda
    Multiplayer: Pulling for - Gears 4 and Titanfall 2; Predicting - Overwatch
    Sports/Racing (Ha!): Pulling for - Don't Care; Predicting - FIFA or Forza
    Family: Pulling for - Ratchet & Clank; Predicting - Any game BUT R&C
    Fighting: Pulling for - Pokken (ONLY because of the early days stream); Predicting - SF V by a MILE
    RPG: Pulling for - FF XV (Huh? Not even nominated? Well then I don't care); Predicting - Any game could take it
    Action-Adventure: Pulling for - Uncharted 4, Ratchet & Clank, and Dishonored 2; Predicting - Uncharted 4
    Action (Shooter): Pulling for - DOOM and Gears 4; Predicting - Overwatch
    VR: Pulling for - Batman; Predicting - Any game could take it
    Mobile/Handheld (Again, HA!): Pulling for - Don't Care. AT. ALL; Prediction - Pokemon Go
    Indie Game: Pulling for - The Witness; Prediction - Any game could take it
    Performance: Pulling for - Anyone from Uncharted 4; Prediction - Any actor can take it
    Music/Sound Design: Pulling for - DOOM; Prediction - Any game could take it
    Art Direction: Pulling for - Uncharted 4; Prediction - Any game BUT Abzu
    Narrative: Pulling for - Uncharted 4; Prediction - Uncharted 4 or Inside
    Game Direction: Pulling for - All of them; Prediction - Any of them
    GOTY: Pulling for - Uncharted 4 and DOOM; Prediction - Uncharted 4, Inside, or Overwatch

    And watch as all of my predictions are wrong...

  • Final Fantasy Fifteen won't be out nearly in time for early-December awards.

  • Sooo there no TMS#FE and SMT: A in RPG section? That's a shame :(

  • @Danjin44 said in The Game Awards Nominees:

    Sooo there no TMS#FE and SMT: A in RPG section? That's a shame :(

    Yep, I was saying the same thing in discord. I'm thoroughly irritated about this. The Wii-U has literally 2 RPGs this year and they chose the weaker title that NOBODY was talking about post-launch.

    On topic however, yeah this year more than any other the list feels so.....wrong, on a lot of levels. There's games listed that I have NEVER heard any gaming publication gush on about or mention more than once in any way that didn't feel like a paid advertisement.

    Of course it shouldn't shock me that a fair bit of the list of sites/publications listed for the voting process aren't even dedicated or even remotely related to gaming, even more that to me don't even feel like reputable sources of anything gaming as their own biases or lack of skill in this profession hold back any legitimacy.

    So I'm going to try my best to pay as little attention to the outcome as possible, cause it's just gonna piss me off, the whole thing just feels like a big circle-jerk of advertising to whatever big wigs happen to be in attendance that year, and I'm sure that's very unfair to say but it just really feels that way to me.

    I mean Titanfall 2 certainly deserves some credit and praise, but if we were to go by people who're actually PLAYING it and how it's SELLING it's falling way short of CoD:IW, even BF1 is too. But both are on this list and CoD isn't? I can see ignoring some random indie title but no matter how much you hate CoD you can't pretend like it's still not one of the biggest games of the year EVERY year not to mention that whether they love it or hate it CoD gets more press than most games every single year. (That said TF2 is by FAR the best shooter this year, just gonna put that out there).

    SFV nominated when it's one of the worst selling Street Fighter games of all time? Definitely the least popular. But Neither Guilty Gear Or Blazblue get a nom? Hell I'm shocked KoF even got mentioned.

    It's like being a sports newscaster talking about a team who hasn't won a game in decades going up against the previous champions and talking them up as if they ever stood a single chance in an almost smug giggly fashion, it just utterly sickens me.

    There should be some fan/audience influence on these votes, it would make the whole thing a lot less biased looking, you gotta admit they frequently mis-categorize games every year, or find ways to rationalize the same game into several categories so that it wins multiple times or it has a guaranteed chance of winning at least once.

  • I've been playing a lot of older games this year, so I can't really weigh in on most of the categories, but if The Witness doesn't win Best Independent Game, I'm gonna throw a hissy fit the likes of which has never before been seen.

  • Doom should win. easily best game this year. and best FPS of decade.

  • I think I just hate the indie games this year... except Inside. And Abzu. And, okay, I guess Oxenfree was fine but it didn't end up as substantial as I would have wanted it to be.

    I think I just expected more of the indie games this year to be decent, if not fun, and most weren't.

  • Can Uncharted be anymore overrated at this point?

  • @Brannox said in The Game Awards Nominees:

    And watch as all of my predictions are wrong...

    To be honest, you only gave a specific prediction in 5 out of 18 categories.

  • @Stephleref said in The Game Awards Nominees:

    Can Uncharted be anymore overrated at this point?

    I thought it was a good game, but not much better than most of the other games in the categories it shares honestly. It's brought up a bit too much. Uncharted 2 was such a better game >.<

  • @Stephleref It's not overrated. People fucking love Uncharted!

  • @Sentinel-Beach Alright. (Shoulder shrug). I gave honest thoughts. I only can definitively pick five of the 18 I gave. Where I gave multiple options, I honestly think any of said options could take it. So I gave five "locks." And knowing how poorly I predict things, all of them won't win. Also, things where I gave two options, the others could win as well. Example: Anticipated, I said RDR 2 or Zelda would win. Watch as ME: A takes home the trophy. Predictions don't have to be a single choice; I stand by everything I said.

  • @Alex840 said in The Game Awards Nominees:

    @Stephleref It's not overrated. People fucking love Uncharted!

    It's not that Uncharted is not a good game,it's this constant auto include GOTY nomination,9.5 to 10/10 rating,masterpiece of game design talk nonsense. The shooting is nothing special and neither is the platforming and there are many many more and better multiplayer games out there so let's not even mention that aspect. It did nothing new,it's not changing me as a gamer and it's not gonna stick in my mind as some kind of gaming classic,i beat the game in 2 days and was done with it and it has been on my shelf ever since. In 2016 Uncharted 4 is the purchase i regret the most. 80$ and i was done with it so quickly,compared to Overwatch who i have clocked in 200+ hours AND STILL PLAYING. Phoenix Wright was 30 hours and more memorable. The Division while flawed had better shooting and the pvp was unique and i also clocked hundred of hours into that game.

    Uncharted are great games in a sea of other great games,they are just not this special snowflake masterpiece of a franchise. Outside of graphics and a slight tweak to the stealth they pretty much change nothing from game to game. This idea that Naughty Dog has reached and maybe even surpassed Blizzard,Rockstar or Nintendo when it comes to making video games is ridiculous. In 2017 people on my friend list will still be playing Overwatch and GTA V meanwhile i don't even remember the last time somebody played any Uncharted.

  • I think its important to talk about what "Game of the Year" means to you as a gamer.

    Does it mean the best? Does it mean it stood out the most? Innovate the most?

    Personally, DOOM (2016) is my favorite out of that last. World of Warcraft: Legion is probably my personal pick, even though I'm not playing it as much. It hit a personal note for me that Blizzard managed to bring back WoW from such depths of despair.

    But DOOM man, when has anyone ever revisited a franchise that old and perfected everything. I don't care about multiplayer, but I can see that preventing it from getting a lot of awards, but I think it's all that more impressive for how much the game stands out even without multiplayer.

  • @Stephleref So your argument is that Uncharted shouldn't win GOTY because it's only 15 hours?!!!

    Quality over quantity my friend...

  • @Alex840 He did mention that he didn't found the mechanics of the game to be that good, and that the game was not memorable for him, that seems like a fair point to me, and I haven't played U4, but based on my experience with the franchise I would say it is fair complaint.

    Looking at the list of nominees honestly makes me a little sad, specially thinking of what it could have been.

  • The list feels like it has a clear anti japan bias. Also why are there no system specific awards, like best PS4, best XB1, best Wii U, best PC etc.?
    The more I look at these awards the less I think they are valid, really just a big industry circle jerk, like the Oscars.

  • @Musou-Tensei I'm not really sure about anti-japan.

    The entire format of picking a single game of the year is ridiculous. It's entirely too subjective.

    I consider my GOTY to be the game that impressed me the most. Not surprised me, but impressed me. DOOM (2016) certainly falls under that category.

    I certainly wish that the nominee's here had a bit more justification and reasoning behind them.

  • For me it is just about celebrating game with some filler awards in between. Hope they trim down the commercial bits, last years’ battlefront was just painful (but E3 battlefield 1 part toped it).
    Anyway in the fan’s choice category there is even a category with fan created content like enderal, pokemon uranium and the metroid one. Kind of cool considering nintendont C&Ded two of them.
    Trending gamer is a sad category cause I find only one of the nominees tolerable, and he has the smallest subscriber count.

  • @Brannox Sorry if I sounded like a jerk there, or out of character maybe. Nothing against you. This Nordic November with its darkness is just getting on me. L & R