The Game Awards Nominees

  • I think I just hate the indie games this year... except Inside. And Abzu. And, okay, I guess Oxenfree was fine but it didn't end up as substantial as I would have wanted it to be.

    I think I just expected more of the indie games this year to be decent, if not fun, and most weren't.

  • Can Uncharted be anymore overrated at this point?

  • @Brannox said in The Game Awards Nominees:

    And watch as all of my predictions are wrong...

    To be honest, you only gave a specific prediction in 5 out of 18 categories.

  • @Stephleref said in The Game Awards Nominees:

    Can Uncharted be anymore overrated at this point?

    I thought it was a good game, but not much better than most of the other games in the categories it shares honestly. It's brought up a bit too much. Uncharted 2 was such a better game >.<

  • @Stephleref It's not overrated. People fucking love Uncharted!

  • @Sentinel-Beach Alright. (Shoulder shrug). I gave honest thoughts. I only can definitively pick five of the 18 I gave. Where I gave multiple options, I honestly think any of said options could take it. So I gave five "locks." And knowing how poorly I predict things, all of them won't win. Also, things where I gave two options, the others could win as well. Example: Anticipated, I said RDR 2 or Zelda would win. Watch as ME: A takes home the trophy. Predictions don't have to be a single choice; I stand by everything I said.

  • @Alex840 said in The Game Awards Nominees:

    @Stephleref It's not overrated. People fucking love Uncharted!

    It's not that Uncharted is not a good game,it's this constant auto include GOTY nomination,9.5 to 10/10 rating,masterpiece of game design talk nonsense. The shooting is nothing special and neither is the platforming and there are many many more and better multiplayer games out there so let's not even mention that aspect. It did nothing new,it's not changing me as a gamer and it's not gonna stick in my mind as some kind of gaming classic,i beat the game in 2 days and was done with it and it has been on my shelf ever since. In 2016 Uncharted 4 is the purchase i regret the most. 80$ and i was done with it so quickly,compared to Overwatch who i have clocked in 200+ hours AND STILL PLAYING. Phoenix Wright was 30 hours and more memorable. The Division while flawed had better shooting and the pvp was unique and i also clocked hundred of hours into that game.

    Uncharted are great games in a sea of other great games,they are just not this special snowflake masterpiece of a franchise. Outside of graphics and a slight tweak to the stealth they pretty much change nothing from game to game. This idea that Naughty Dog has reached and maybe even surpassed Blizzard,Rockstar or Nintendo when it comes to making video games is ridiculous. In 2017 people on my friend list will still be playing Overwatch and GTA V meanwhile i don't even remember the last time somebody played any Uncharted.

  • I think its important to talk about what "Game of the Year" means to you as a gamer.

    Does it mean the best? Does it mean it stood out the most? Innovate the most?

    Personally, DOOM (2016) is my favorite out of that last. World of Warcraft: Legion is probably my personal pick, even though I'm not playing it as much. It hit a personal note for me that Blizzard managed to bring back WoW from such depths of despair.

    But DOOM man, when has anyone ever revisited a franchise that old and perfected everything. I don't care about multiplayer, but I can see that preventing it from getting a lot of awards, but I think it's all that more impressive for how much the game stands out even without multiplayer.

  • @Stephleref So your argument is that Uncharted shouldn't win GOTY because it's only 15 hours?!!!

    Quality over quantity my friend...

  • @Alex840 He did mention that he didn't found the mechanics of the game to be that good, and that the game was not memorable for him, that seems like a fair point to me, and I haven't played U4, but based on my experience with the franchise I would say it is fair complaint.

    Looking at the list of nominees honestly makes me a little sad, specially thinking of what it could have been.

  • The list feels like it has a clear anti japan bias. Also why are there no system specific awards, like best PS4, best XB1, best Wii U, best PC etc.?
    The more I look at these awards the less I think they are valid, really just a big industry circle jerk, like the Oscars.

  • @Musou-Tensei I'm not really sure about anti-japan.

    The entire format of picking a single game of the year is ridiculous. It's entirely too subjective.

    I consider my GOTY to be the game that impressed me the most. Not surprised me, but impressed me. DOOM (2016) certainly falls under that category.

    I certainly wish that the nominee's here had a bit more justification and reasoning behind them.

  • For me it is just about celebrating game with some filler awards in between. Hope they trim down the commercial bits, last years’ battlefront was just painful (but E3 battlefield 1 part toped it).
    Anyway in the fan’s choice category there is even a category with fan created content like enderal, pokemon uranium and the metroid one. Kind of cool considering nintendont C&Ded two of them.
    Trending gamer is a sad category cause I find only one of the nominees tolerable, and he has the smallest subscriber count.

  • @Brannox Sorry if I sounded like a jerk there, or out of character maybe. Nothing against you. This Nordic November with its darkness is just getting on me. L & R

  • My personal picks and why.

    As much as I love Doom, I gotta hand it to Uncharted 4 because of how complete it is. It's excellent in terms of everything, both SP and MP.

    Best Studio
    ID Software takes this one. They not only brought back Doom but the more classic style of shooter and modernized it to damn near perfection. The other games on this list stumbled but there is nothing bad I can say about Doom's campaign at all.

    Best Narrative
    The only contenders on the list is Uncharted 4 and Mafia 3. None of the other games even comes close. I would be happy with either of these two.

    Best Art Direction
    This is tricky for me. I like the overall style of Overwatch and I think they did a good job with it but a lot of the designs are seriously underwhelming. On the other hand Uncharted 4 is just absolutely amazing in terms of visuals but doesn't go for any unique style. But I still think I'd give this one to Uncharted 4.

    Best music/sound design

    Best Performance
    Literally anyone from Uncharted 4. They were all excellent. Close second would be Alex Hernandez as Lincoln Clay (I actually preferred other performances more in Mafia 3, but that game was also incredible in terms of performances).

    Games for Impact
    I have never even heard of any of those games before so, so I can't pick one.

    Best indie game
    Can't really settle on one. 2 of them I haven't played and the others I really didn't find to be that great. I would have prefered to see Owlboy or something on there instead.

    Best handheld
    I don't own a 3DS or Vita and I don't play smartphone games so I can't say.

    Best VR
    I haven't played any of these games but from what I've seen Batman or Rez were the most impressive.

    Best action game

    Best action/adventure
    Uncharted 4. But I still loved R&C, Dishonored 2 and Hitman.

    Best RPG
    Hm. I thought DS3 wasn't really that special (I've played all other SoulsBorne games) and Deus Ex, while excellent, has several problems. So I'd probably give it to Witcher 3 Blood & Wine.

    Best fighting game
    King of Fighters 14.

    Best family game
    Dragon Quest Builders.

    Best strategy
    Either Civ 6 or XCOM2 would be fine, but I'm leaning more towards the latter.

    Best sports/racing
    I don't really play sports or racing games anymore.

    Best MP
    I honestly have problems with all of these. For one I don't really like low TTK games. But I still feel out of all of these Titanfall 2 has the best MP. Alternatively Overcooked (but I haven't played that with a bunch of friends yet).

    Best e-sports whatever
    I honestly couldn't care less about e-sports.

  • Dark souls 3 only nominated for the best RPG?! Those "29 global media and influencer outlets" just lost all my love and respect.

  • Reading this topic makes me feel better, knowing I'm not the only person who is weirded out by these nominees and feels like they did a poor job of choosing them.

  • @Sentinel-Beach I didn't take it as such. I was only confused because I couldn't tell where you were coming from, so I thought I was confusing in my OP, so that's why I went on to clarify. You didn't say anything wrong nor was there any negativity in it.

    Love & Respect to you as well!

  • Uncharted 4 tends to suffer from having zero competition. It's in a class of its own, and so no one really compares it to anything else.

  • @Stormcrownn said:

    It's in a class of its own

    The Mostly Only Visually Impressive Euphoria class.