The Game Awards Nominees

  • @Stormcrownn SEGA allows it, hell they even endorse fangames nowadays as long they are free, so far I havn't seen EA trying to steal their IPs.

  • @Stormcrownn said in The Game Awards Nominees:

    On the fan creation topic, I'm on the side of removing them.

    This is mostly an issue of copyright law being a bit outdated (Big surprise there) and Nintendo not really having another choice.

    If they allow people to use their trademarks/copyrights, they risk losing those assets. Which is no laughing matter. If they allow those fan creations to exist, then other companies can argue in a legal setting to making pokemon games citing the fan games.

    This isnt true, if that was true they'd have to do the same to fan art and fan fiction. You will never ever lose a license because of a fans derivative work and that isnt why companies shut them down.

    There are multiple examples of companies working with fan game developers both to support their fan games or to make the fan games official.

  • @Stormcrownn
    I would say that you're pretty much right, but I wouldn't go after people making free fan-games. But if someone is even accepting donations for project like that, put a end on it. No one should be able to make a single cent off of your copyrighted/trademarked material in any shape or form, without legal permissions. And they would have to either create their own assets for the project, or at least clearly state, where all borrowed assets come from.

    And if the game happens to be good enough, owner of the copyright should highly consider hiring that guy, and/or purchase said game from him, and officially sell that after making the final polish on the game. And once that happens, free versions should stop from being free, yet all who did download the game can keep that copy, as long as they agree not to share it.

    I know all that are too complicated to actually work, because all the laws and policies and what not regarding all this, but that would be the best for pretty much all of us.

  • @Musou-Tensei It's nintendo's IP. They have every right to do what they want. If anything the people who made those fan creations should of just made their own game like we have seen with something like Axiom Verge.

  • @tokeeffe9 said in The Game Awards Nominees:

    @Musou-Tensei It's nintendo's IP. They have every right to do what they want. If anything the people who made those fan creations should of just made their own game like we have seen with something like Axiom Verge.

    They have the legal right to do it, but they also have the legal right to take down fanart, fan fiction, fanmade music remixes etc Would you support all that too?

  • @Sieghardt It's their right, yes.

    I'm not saying it's a good idea but they are 100% within their right to do what they want with things that represent their IP.

  • And it's my right to not buy their stuff when they act like dicks, of course the VGA's are also to blame for not thinking while making their lists, screw both of them. AM2R is the best 2D Metroid game since Zero Mission, it deserves to win.

  • @Musou-Tensei Absolutely, more power to you.

    If the developers of AM2R have any bit of sense, they'll make their own assets etc and sell it. If they do, I imagine I'll buy it someday.

  • Banned

    In the end it doesn't matter.

    If the fan game in question is finished and it's posted to the internet it'll exist forever.

    Award show be damned.

  • "Best Fan Game" is a weird award anyways. I get that there's a big grassroots community of fan game designers, but it seems to be asking for legal trouble, or more instances like this.

    I think a best freeware/microbudget/gamejam title might be better? A couple of my favorite games this year are freeware.

  • I might be in the minority, but I honestly think video game awards can't possibly be done right. It just doesn't work quite as well as other entertainment forms that can be consumed so much quicker.

    No group of reviewers can possibly all individually play every single quality game in any given year. It just doesn't work.

  • @Ringedwithtile yeah, a best game jam award seems better, and it's still supportive of people having fun with games for no real money.

  • @Brannox Well let's see how bad I did!

    Trending Gamer: Didn't pick a winner, and was pulling for Danny O'Dwyer. WINNER: Boogie
    Anticipated: At least I got the 40% shot. WINNER: Legend of Zelda
    Multiplayer: That's one I got right. WINNER: Overwatch
    Sports/Racing: Honestly, this wasn't surprising. WINNER: Forza
    Family: Not giving credit for this one, but it doesn't surprise me. WINNER: Pokemon Go
    Fighting: The EASIEST one to see coming. WINNER: Overwatch
    RPG: Again didn't pick a winner. WINNER: Witcher III: Blood and Wine
    Action-Adventure: While I thought UC4 would win, I'm happy to see Dishonored 2 get the love (Also 4/5).
    Action: This prediction is the one I'm HAPPIEST to get wrong. WINNER: DOOM
    VR: There was no way I could've predicted this one. WINNER: Rez Infinie
    Mobile/Handheld: With how popular it was, is ANYONE surprised. WINNER: Pokemon Go (5/7)
    Indie: I may have been pulling for the Witness, but I knew game could win. WINNER: Inside
    Performance: Mad respect to all voice actors out there and Nolan North's speech was AWESOME.
    Music/Sound Design: All games sound great, but I'm STOKED the one I was pulling for won! WINNER: DOOM
    Art Direction: With how well designed the game is, this wasn't a surprise either. WINNER: Inside (Still 5/7)
    Narrative: My pulling for and pick came through for me here. WINNER: Uncharted 4 (Now 6/8)
    Game Direction: In all honesty, all were worthy, and all could've won. WINNER: Blizzard for Overwatch
    GOTY: Well I KNEW my favorites weren't gonna win. I called it WAY back in the summer at the Halfway GOTY thread (Anyone remember that?) Where I said I felt that Uncharted 4 and Overwatch would be the two standing at the end of the year? Well damn.... WINNER: Overwatch

    So I went 7/9 on picks that I was able to select at least one game. The show itself had many more positives than lows. Personally speaking, the ENTIRE Kojima sequence, the speeches from That Dragon Cancer creator, Nolan North, and Boogie were all top notch, the DOOM musical performance and the Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay were all personal bits of awesome. The other musical performances, and I gotta say, Mr. Bosman's bits, were the biggest letdowns. Or a better way to put it, the biggest "misfits" from the show.

    The rest of the WINNERS were:

    E-Sports: Game - Overwatch, Team - Cloud 9, Player - "ColdZera"
    Games for Impact: That Dragon Cancer
    Strategy: Civilization VI
    (Oddly enough I didn't catch the Fan Creation winner)

  • Congrats to Overwatch, even though I feel it was the least deserving winner out of all the nominees.

  • @Brannox Yeah, I agree, there were certainly some great speeches this year. I'm subscribed to Boogie on YouTube, but admittedly, I skip a lot of his content. Even still, I know he's extremely humble and has been dealing with all sort of physical/emotional problems for years. He's very open and honest about these things and gives hope to others. Love him for that and I'm glad he ran away with the award. The speech for That Dragon, Cancer was outright beautiful. I've been closely invested in the game ever since I read/watched an essay of Satch's on it. I honestly can't imagine the emotion of accepting a reward for helping create a game about your son's death. It's unreal and just shows how much the medium has evolved over the years.

    As far as not liking the Bosman bits, I get that. You could tell he was putting on his corporate persona to earn a paycheck, even somewhat laughing at what he needed to say. That being said, I think that somehow made those segments even more charming. Plus, the shoutout to Brandon Jones was just great - even though I was disappointed to see Brandon hadn't been nominated for that category. The trolling will never end.

    Naturally, I'm happy to see my own personal GOTY take the award. Overwatch and Inside were the only two original IPs nominated in the category but the amount of time I've sunk into that game is ridiculous. Well over 120 hours and I still have great matches every time I play. This is coming from a person that generally stays away from multiplayer games so it felt fitting. The other nominees were made for fans of their respective genres; Overwatch was made with such love and care, it made people appreciate an entirely new genre they would normally dismiss.

  • @Brannox From what I can find, there was no winner of the Fan Creation category announced, interestingly enough.


  • Overwatch beating Uncharted 4 made me smile. Not my personal choice, but I love the underdog succeeding.

  • @Nillend Calling Overwatch an underdog is pushing it a little. Blizzard isn't exactly a small indie dev ;)

  • I want to talk about the show itself, and i apologize in advance for the negativity.

    I really didn't enjoy it, it felt like one giant advert. I get that they need sponsors to exist, but this wasn't even subtle.

    The freaking razor thingy.
    The Tencent "Chinese fan choice" award, or whatever that was.
    They casually announced the winners for big categories like Best RPG and Best Strategy, dismissed in 5 seconds.
    But they spent 10 minutes on Best Youtuber or Best eSport player...

    Come on! Compared to a ceremony like the Oscars, it felt cheap and desperate. I honestly can't take these awards seriously, they feel meaningless.

    I'll be way more invested in the EZA awards, whatever shape they take. They will have much more value.

    Also, as much as I respect Kojima and his games, I thought that Keighley's speech to introduce him was so over the top. Sure, he was treated like crap by Konami (and even then, we'll never know the full story), but he made it sound like the guy escaped a concentration camp... He's not a martyr, he's loaded, he's got an awesome deal with Sony now, I'm not gonna cry over this story for years to come. I get that he knows him personally but again, if this ceremony is ever going to be taken seriously, maybe don't use it as your personal platform to settle scores.

    Am I in a bad mood or did you also think it was lame? :D

  • Let's see how I did:
    GAME OF THE YEAR - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Overwatch
    BEST NARRATIVE - Mafia III Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
    BEST PERFORMANCE - Emily Rose as Elena Nolan North
    GAMES FOR IMPACT - That Dragon, Cancer
    BEST VR GAME - Batman: Arkham VR Rez Infinite
    BEST ACTION GAME - Battlefield 1 DOOM
    BEST ACTION/ADVENTURE GAME - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Dishonored 2
    BEST RPG - Dark Souls 3 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Blood and Wine
    BEST FIGHTING GAME - Killer Instinct Season 3 Street Fighter V
    BEST STRATEGY GAME - Civilization VI
    BEST FAMILY GAME - Ratchet & Clank Pokemon Go
    BEST SPORTS/RACING - Forza Horizon 3
    BEST MULTIPLAYER - Overwatch
    MOST ANTICIPATED GAME - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    TRENDING GAMER - Danny O'Dwyer Boogie2988
    BEST ESPORTS PLAYER - Coldzera – Marcelo David
    BEST ESPORTS TEAM - SK Gaming Cloud 9
    BEST ESPORTS GAME - Overwatch
    12/23 better than expected