Persona 5 delayed ... again ...

  • @Musou-Tensei said in Persona 5 delayed ... again ...:

    Awesome, finally the concept of dual audio is reaching Atlus, I can wait. Now if they just would make a JP voices DLC for P4 Golden...

    New P4G delay confirmed.

  • Comes out on my birthday now, April 4th! Maybe it's a sign I should get it...but I'll be 26...blah.

  • @DeweyDTruman said in Persona 5 delayed ... again ...:

    I've reached the point where delays don't even register to me anymore. I just assume a game isn't coming out on the announced date unless that date is less than two weeks away. When I see this news all I see is "dual audio DLC" which is nothing but upside.

    I usually buy games on sales so most of the time it really doesn't make a difference anyway. lol (but this one i will get day one)

  • probably for the best it was gonna get eaten alive in feburary

  • Not sure if good or bad. Will say the temptation to import just shot up

  • Sounds like a good reason for the delay and it's just good for the game in general. Gets it's own space away from the rest of the Sony and specifically Japanese related games in Gravity Rush, Yakuza 0, Ni-oh and Nier.. never mind Horizon and For Honor too.

  • Man, this just god damn painful but Atleat I have Gravity Rush 2 and NieR Automata (hopfully doesn't get delayed) look forward to for next year.

  • Thank God! There was so much good stuff coming out February/March. I was also getting worried I've gotten burned out on Persona, having played two persona games this year. It sure stings, but hey, I could be sadder about it.

  • I want to be annoyed about this because I've been looking forward to this game more then any other, except maybe KH3...but I can't be annoyed if it's because they're making the localization the best it can be.
    I guess my Valentine's Day will be For Honor instead. Well that and spending time with the BF. He'll be happy about this delay.

  • This would be less frustrating if the game wasn't already out in a region. FFXV seems to have benefited from its delay, but Persona 5 is out and functional in Japan.

    Still, if there were any issues with the localization and they needed time to smooth it out, I guess it's okay. And they are adding lots. SHRUG. I'm just desperate to play it.

  • @Naetoid That's the part that gets me the most, the game is complete, it works, there's no good reason why we should have to wait 7 months for the localization.

    The thing that really worries me is, will this really be the last delay? are this two months really going to be enough to "bring up to the standards", I don't think I have it in me to take another delay, and the fact that i may have seen a spoiler in twitter thanks to some a**hole makes me really worry about this.

  • Do you want to know when Trails of Cold Steel 1&2 were released in japan? This is nothing.

  • @Musou-Tensei I know it was more than a year, so I get that it could be worse, but to be fair Trails is a very much a niche franchise. I think it is fair to say that P5 has been one of the most anticipated releases for a large amount of gamers in the west, and will have a larger ammount of sales in the west than in Japan, so based on that I think it is fair to be less forgiving in regards to the localization time.

    That said maybe now is a good time for me to consider playing the Trails games.

  • But Atlus USA is still a niche publisher, they are like Xseed, they are so small that they can't publish their stuff in PAL regions themselves, they aren't SE who can localize while the game is still in development.

  • I can in part agree with that, it's just very frustrating to me the whole way they've handled this, since I think (without any bases) they could have started the process before.

    The thing is that I'm really salty right now, and I don't know what else I can do aside from complaining :P, and to wallow in my misery

  • I'm always happy to see a delay, to be honest. It means they were able to put more work into the game before that first impression.

    That being said, it's already out in Japan and so that logic fails a bit.


  • I’m not into business stuff, but they hopefully didn’t just delayed it to have it in a new fiscal quarter (or year).

  • @Ikataishou It does conveniently fall at the very beginning of the next quarter, maybe just a coincidence, or maybe not so much, I would certainly hope that is not case, and I don't see why Sega would push back it's biggest game for that reason, but I can't say I have any insight about that.

  • I'm happy to wait and dual audio is a nice bonus

  • I'm pretty bummed about this news. It isn't that big of a delay, but we have our first child being born in April, and this game coming out in February was perfect and it could be my last hurrah before he was born