What games are you holding off playing?

  • Final Fantasy (all the numbered ones)
    Dark Souls (including Demon and Bloodborne)
    Mass Effect

    I'm keen to play them one day.

  • I've been very interested in playing Read Only Memories but they've apparently been constantly adding new scenes, characters, etc so I've been waiting for a "finally final" version to release so I can play through without feeling like I'm going to be missing something. Whenever that's done.

  • I'm holding off on Doom and Rachet and Clank atm. I know I'll love playing both of them, but with Witcher DLC, Trials of the Blood Dragon, and a decent backlog taking up my time, I can't pencil those two games in. I'll get them soon enough though.

  • Uncharted 4 for me. I never owned a PS3 so I missed the first 3 games, and played through them all in a row a couple months ago when I got The Nathan Drake Collection on PS4. By the end of the third game, I felt burned out (Uncharted 2 was clearly the highlight of the series for me). So I'd rather wait a few more months and play different games before coming back to the series!

  • Rocket League, but money and a backlog are currently barriers.

  • Pretty much anything that I know is going to take a long time. I have Bloodborne and Witcher 3, but I'm still nervous that I won't be able to give it the focus that it deserves. And also, as someone who is very into trophies, I know that I'll hate not getting a Platinum on a game that I know is going to be difficult. Pretty much games that I know are going to be a time investment and I want to give it the focus it deserves, Fallout 4 is another one of those.

    Also older games that I haven't gotten to, like Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Last of Us, etc.

  • Do not watch a plauthrough of the last of us play it yourself. One of the best games I have played. I'm holding off uncharted 4 just because I want to play 1,2,3 again before I start it. It's not easy avoiding all screenshots and mention of the game

  • Need for speed: Most wanted. It's been a long time since I played a racing game, so I'm just waiting for the moment when I'll be tempted to pick it up.

  • @Renton said in What games are you holding off playing?:

    I still need to play Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 on my ps3 but I know that they'll be extremely time consuming. Also I'm hoping for a "Complete Collection" on ps4. Should I wait or should I play them as soon as possible?

    I say go for it. The games in those collections are the final versions in terms of content and graphical improvements. I suspect little of value would be gained in a ps4 release. 1.5 and 2.5 are also pretty affordable right now, a brand new ps4 collection might even prove more costly.

  • The Witcher 3. I might play it at Christmas when I'm off for 2 weeks so I can give it a good go.

  • Pretty much any game with VR compatibility, I almost feel it'd be a missed opportunity to try any of them without a head mounted-display.

  • @ThatMartime what do you mean? Only game that's out with VR compatibility I know about is Elite Dangerous and soon Resident Evil 7. Wouldn't really say that any of them are "definitive" in VR mode. Sounds strange to avoid them because of that.

    VR-only games you can't even run without the headset, so I'm assuming that's not what you mean.

  • @Hoken I suppose you're right! There's just a few games on my radar that are compatible with VR that I've been avoiding until I get an HMD to get the 'full experience', if that makes sense.

    Alien Isolation and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter both have VR support to some extent, and I feel like it'd be awesome to experience those games for the first time in VR. Hope it makes sense, I'm such a fanboy for VR and these few games is all I have haha

  • @ThatMartime I'm hyped for VR too, but you'll probably die puking your own guts out playing Alien Isolation in VR considering how the movement is in that game and how fast you have to be sometimes. So be prepared for that kind of stuff :P

  • @Hoken Haha you're probably right. My biggest VR fear is spending all the money setting it up, and then finding out it makes me constantly ill.
    One day, starchild..

  • @ThatMartime hopefully you get used to it. If I'm spending a thousand bucks on a Vive I'm going to use it, sickness be damned.

  • I was putting off Tomb Raider and The Last of Us. But Now that I feel a gap in releases coming over the summer, I think it time to hop on the band wagon.

  • I have Life is Strange and all the Saints Row games on Steam, but I'm saving those for the end of the year when I've got a couple of months downtime in the post honours degree but before moving for work period.

    I have Virtue's Last Reward (thanks Easy Update) in my 3ds which I'm supposed to be playing on the train, but every time I commit to actually booting it up the train is packed or I've got to work instead. It is quite the annoying coincidence.