What games are you holding off playing?

  • @Hoken I suppose you're right! There's just a few games on my radar that are compatible with VR that I've been avoiding until I get an HMD to get the 'full experience', if that makes sense.

    Alien Isolation and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter both have VR support to some extent, and I feel like it'd be awesome to experience those games for the first time in VR. Hope it makes sense, I'm such a fanboy for VR and these few games is all I have haha

  • @ThatMartime I'm hyped for VR too, but you'll probably die puking your own guts out playing Alien Isolation in VR considering how the movement is in that game and how fast you have to be sometimes. So be prepared for that kind of stuff :P

  • @Hoken Haha you're probably right. My biggest VR fear is spending all the money setting it up, and then finding out it makes me constantly ill.
    One day, starchild..

  • @ThatMartime hopefully you get used to it. If I'm spending a thousand bucks on a Vive I'm going to use it, sickness be damned.

  • I was putting off Tomb Raider and The Last of Us. But Now that I feel a gap in releases coming over the summer, I think it time to hop on the band wagon.

  • I have Life is Strange and all the Saints Row games on Steam, but I'm saving those for the end of the year when I've got a couple of months downtime in the post honours degree but before moving for work period.

    I have Virtue's Last Reward (thanks Easy Update) in my 3ds which I'm supposed to be playing on the train, but every time I commit to actually booting it up the train is packed or I've got to work instead. It is quite the annoying coincidence.