Did you ever play/watch/etc anything because of Huber's hype?

  • As the title says, did you ever play anything, watch anything, etc because of Huber? And it doesn't have to be just one thing. List everything he has gotten you to try!

    I'll be editing this original post to keep track of it all. Using tally marks.

    HYPE PRIME (Huber's hype)

    • Huber's father

    Video games

    • The Evil Within ||
    • Shenmue |||
    • Shenmue 2 ||
    • Resident Evil 0 ||
    • Resident Evil HD ||||
    • Battlefield 1 |
    • Sunset Overdrive |
    • Guns, Gore and Cannoli |
    • Hand of Fate |
    • Sleeping Dogs |
    • Virginia ||
    • The Banner Saga ||||

    TV Shows

    • Gilmore Girls ||
    • Turn: Washington's Spies |
    • The Killing |
    • Vikings ||||
    • Bloodline |


    • The Wailing 5
    • The Conjuring ||
    • The Yellow Sea |
    • Green Room ||
    • Arrival |


    • Black Tapes |
    • Ready Player 1 |

    And I would like to add, if you get into anything because of this list, please do not count that. That is only hype by association which I am not counting.

  • The Evil Within, Shenmue 1 and 2, Resident Evil 0 and 1 HD, Battlefield 1, The Conjuring, The Wailing....

    A little bit, you could say. :p

  • Turn: Washington's Spies, never would've watched that without Huber

  • I watched The Killing (Netflix) because he said his partner would watch it as a twisted fall asleep show. It's a pretty great crime drama.

  • Shenmue 1 and 2 were on my backlog for eons before the Shenmue 3 KS reveal at E3 last year. While the reveal in general is what made me finally play the games seeing Huber's reaction in particular is what drove me to go into them immediately compared to just saying "oh I should finally play these games" and most likely never actually bothering to.

  • I watched Vikings. Thank you for that, Huber.

  • Not yet. I love Huber's hype, but I know enough about myself to know his hype and my hype aren't really compatible.

    Ben's hype on the other hand...

  • The Wailing probably. I hadn't heard of it and I haven't seen it discussed much anywhere else.

    And I really liked it too. Still think about it actually as I try to piece certain things together.

  • He brought up The Yellow Sea, which I wasn't aware of. I already had seen The Chaser, and knew about The Wailing from its reception at Cannes, but it being the film Na Hong-jin made between the two, I thought I better check it out.

    Wasn't too big on it, but it's always nice to get the full picture on whatever directors are hot atm.

  • I watched Vikings because of the hype.

  • For real though you should all watch Vikings

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    Made me really pick up Vikings and started watching it... So good series! :D

  • I saw "The Witch" with friends before hearing Huber talk about it.

    I don't think it's nearly as good of a film as he purports it to be.

  • The only thing I've watched/played from the list is Vikings, and Huber had nothing to do with that, while I love his enthusiasm I've found that my taste differs quite a bit from his, and I often disagree completlely with his opinions.

  • @Haru17 I guess some people don't like to live deliciously.

  • No. I play Battlefield 1 because it looked interesting and watch Vikings fo the same reason, by my own initiative. He has a good taste though.

  • Not really.. but I did go and grab LA Noire during the steam summer sale because he tweeted about it. I thought it was a great game.

    I'm not a huge horror movie fan, but I have taken note of some of his suggestions should I ever decide to watch something scary. We seem to have pretty similar taste in movies from what I can tell.

  • @SabotageTheTruth How about cliffhangerdly? ;)

  • I just watched "Green Room" due to Huber's hype. It is probably one of the most intense movies I have ever watched.

  • a bunch of horror films, cant recall which now but definitely a dozen or so of them at this point