Did you ever play/watch/etc anything because of Huber's hype?

  • Huber's recenting hyping of Banner Saga in a number of EZA Podcasts and a Frame Trap episode got me to pick it up in the PSN sale. I loved it all the way up to the final fight which was frustating but other than that it was a great game that I probably wouldn't have played had it not been for Huber.

  • The Wailing, for sure, but I still need to watch it... but I will...

    I just love the hype, for things I know or don't, because it's positive reinforcement of things that don't NEED to have wide appeal to have hype for. I love that.

  • I started Resident Evil after the series had taken a downturn, so I was hesitant to try out 0 and HD. Thanks to Huber, I gave them a fair chance and totally fell in love. I have high hopes for 7. I'm watching Gilmore Girls and Vikings because of him, too. Got my free Netflix trial and totally going ham over the holidays. As for movies, the only one I've seen so far on his recommendation was Green Room, which I really liked. I'm not a gore-horror kind of person, but I liked how well-acted it was and how it inverted some of the reactionary tropes in horror.

  • I had been eyeing Banner Saga for a while but when Huber recommended it I immediately bought it. I also bought Virginia during the Winter sale on Steam because of Huber's recommendation, haven't gotten a chance to play just yet though!

    I need to get on more of the movie and tv suggestions but I want to do it when I have time to give them my full attention instead of watching in passing!

  • Vikings and The Wailing. Both solid eights which is about eleven on the Huber Hype Scale.

  • Added everything about this! Just trying to keep track. I need to make more posts like this so I don't get confused like I JUST DID. The control+f search function doesn't work correctly on this site due to its layout. I think I might be missing a vikings. Maybe?

  • Know I'm late but I totally got The Banner Saga because of hearing Huber talk about it. Don't regret it one bit either!