Soliciting some Uncharted 4 advice for a series newcomer

  • So, after not having a Playstation for quite some time, I decided to once again embrace both consoles and get a new shiny PS4 Pro. I instantly dove into Last of Us Remastered and Bloodborne (which I almost bought the console for when it was released) and now I'm considering Uncharted.

    I'm looking to gather a collective opinion on whether or not there is a ton of value playing the first 3 games in the Nathan Drake collection, or if picking up 4 is a good representation of the best bits of the series, that doesn't rely too heavily on the previous games.

    To be honest, unless there is some continuing narrative, or a cliffhanger ending from Uncharted 3, I will probably lean to starting with 4, but I am unsure how closely the narrative is tied. Does Uncharted 4 start a new story and the previous games only add character development, or is 4 a direct continuation of 3? Is it like the Tomb Raider reboot or are we talking Halo 2 to Halo 3 here?

  • I don't really like Uncharted, but love The Last of Us. While Uncharted 4 is nowhere near on that level, it does look much nicer than the trilogy. I wouldn't expect anything too amazing from the story unless you've been just waiting for that Indiana Jones / Abercrombie crossover series. Plus, Naughty Dog separate the story from the first three themselves by retconning Troy Baker in.

  • As a big fan of the series I'd say there's value in playing the games in order (especially with the remastered collection available). Though, if you aren't looking to put in a lot of time just to get to 4, I'd say just go and play 4.

    There are definitely some callbacks to previous games, some reappearing characters and a great payoff (imo) for people who played the series but there's nothing too complex story-wise.

  • I felt weird in my stomach when thinking of starting the series with 4. How you feel about Nate, Elena and Sully will change in a HUGE way if you let the first three games to introduce them to you and join them on those adventures. Really great character development.

    UC4 is then more like the "one last time" adventure, which, again, to me would feel really weird to first jump into without all the history.
    Disclaimer, though: I'm a 100 % fanboy, if that didn't become clear.

  • Not essential to play them in order, but it's a little more rewarding to play them in order for a couple of reasons. Though the narratives are not dependent on the previous games, references are made and are only rewarding if you've played the games preceding it.

    The other big reason I would play the older games first is the main reason why I like to play games in order of release. You really get to see the development team grow and get more skilled at their craft. This is very apparent to me with Metal Gear. Kojima evolved with the console tech and it was really amazing to experience. It's tough to play the latest most refined experience in the franchise and then try to go backwards from there. Only if you really intend to play through the whole series at one time or another, I recommend order of release. If you are really itching to play Uncharted 4, I don't doubt you'll be confused or lost. Each game stands on its own fairly well.

  • I'd play the first three games. A lot of the story and emotional payoffs a deeply tied into how you feel about the characters and moments from the first three adventures.

    But you can still play 4 and have a damn good time just be prepared for some things to go over your head.

  • Each game can stand on it's own as a narrative. You can jump directly into #4 and understand and appreciate mostly everything.

    HOWEVER, please consider playing the first three. Uncharted 4 does A LOT for fans such as myself who were in Grade 7 when the original came out. Fans such as myself who played and played those games so things like the music and specific images and scenes are in our memories. In Uncharted 4, a lot of what makes it special is having played the first three. It doesn't reference narrative or anything but there are moments of - say - Drake's Fortune perfectly placed in an early scene for you to really get those feels.

    Obviously somebody playing the series within one year won't have that same ability to appreciate Uncharted 4 BUT to make an analogy; I played the Metal Gear Solid series beginning to end in one summer and even though I had never played MGS2 before, I appreciated MGS4 so much more in this new light and that was all within one summer.

    So I guarantee you'll have a similar sense of that 'recent-nostalgia' (if you will) by playing 1-3 before playing #4. Especially the epilogue chapter which exists solely for fan service.

    TL;DR - You'll appreciate #4 much more having played 1-3, BUT you may get a sort of Uncharted hangover by the third game considering it didn't have much third game maturity that UC4 possesses.

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    Like others are saying, it isn't a requirement, but you will definitely appreciate 4 a lot more if you play 1-3.

    I'd say play the games just for Sully's moustache.