The EZA Dungeons & Dragons Community Thread

  • to anyone that may be interested I'm thinking of DMing a new short campaing (at least to begin with) sometime soon, it would probably be on Saturdays after 6:00 pm US Central Time.

    it seems like we have two players ready for this time frame, and I think that we a third we can start playing.

  • @bard91 would like to join in but can you nail down the time more. I am 7 hours ahead of you in CET +1

  • @fettouhi I told bard I could change my schedule to maybe for 4:00am central time or like I said after 6 00 pm central

  • @edsgar ok lets try and get a quick meetup and talk about a time and date that fits everyone.

  • Just had my first game of 2017 the other night. Was a little worried since my group lost and gained a member and we haven't played since my brother got married. I had mostly done premade campaigns but the last time we played I ended up doing my own thing and it was so much more fun.

    Ended up playing a short one shot to get back in the groove and we all had a blast. Looking forward to playing again next week.

  • I've been thinking about getting in to D&D, what books should I buy to get started?

  • @michemagius The player handbook is really all that you need to learn to play.

    It gives you the description of all the classes/races and the base rules of the game itself, which is more than enough as a player, and sufficient for a new DM, I was able to run some sessions at work for new people (including me) only using the contents of that and one of the pdfs on Wizards page.

    as I had mentioned before I could run a short campaign (at least to begin with) if we are able to find at least 3 players for a particular time

  • @michemagius The starter kit is pretty cool too and there are tons of videos online of other people playing it if you want to DM yourself. It is cheap and comes with everything you need to get started.

    You should also check out the movie The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. Great indie movie and is what got me wanting to D&D more when it came out.

  • @michemagius @Pikagreg @bard91
    If there is a open spots for players maybe I can fill in, I am looking for a second group to play with.

  • @edsgar Playing irl not online sorry :( (been off forums a bit lol)

  • Just throwing my hat in the ring of people looking for a group to play with. If anyone has an opening, hit me up.

  • My friends and I are looking to start playing DND and Im looking to be as good a DM as Ben some day! Anyone out there with some pointers or helping running a campaign sometime?

  • @Kohna Are you all completely new to playing or does anyone have any experience?

    I've been introducing the game to a group at the office and I found that one of the big challenges with a group of all new people is just getting over the first barrier of actually starting with first problem being actually making a character, I didn't do it but I think that if you can dedicate some time together to actually do it as a group it can be a good starting point.

  • @bard91
    Hey bb, thanks for the pointer! We have tried it in the past but some of the stats on our characters didn't seem right. Some of the rolling and what to add to what and when to do specific checks... learning all of that has been a learning experience... watching tabletop adventures has been a real help so we are looking to start back up. There's only three of us for now tho...

  • I'm gonna throw my hat in the ring.

    Though, time isn't my greatest resource and I don't know much about using things like Roll20. Just that they exist.

    I've played a rogue in a campaign, and am currently DM'ing a homebrew 5e campaign in the world of the real.

    Also, I have a dice tray with the Wingcrest Triforce carved into it... that's not particularly relevant; I just don't have many people I can boast to it about.

  • I've been playing for a few years now and have been lucky enough to be part of the Patron D&D group as well. I figured I'd give some thoughts on D&D Beyond if people are looking at that for an easy way to manage everything D&D wise as I recently bought into the ecosystem...

    The short version is that, if you already own the Player's Handbook and maybe some other books as well, then it may not be completely worth it. I say this because, while it is free to create your account and use things like the character creator, you have to also buy the associated books to "unlock" certain content. For example, if you're wanting to create a warlock, you can only choose the pact of the fiend without paying for the player's handbook which unlocks the other pact options. The same goes for books like Xanathar's Guide to Everything which will then unlock the other options there such as Hexblade.

    The books on average are about $30 each, however the nice thing is that you can actually buy just parts of the books if you don't need everything. For example, I wanted a complete list of the demons so that my nifty new Summon Greater Demon spell could have some good options, so I was able to buy just the creatures from one of the campaign books for around $7-8 instead of the full $30 for a campaign that we won't ever play. Depending on how much you want to rely on digital toolsets instead of hard copy books and pen/paper character sheets, it still may or may not be worth it.

    My favorite part of this is by far the character creation aspect. Once you choose your race and class (which gives you the book-text descriptions of everything including racial bonuses), the layout for choosing each new feature per level is great. If there is a static feature such as gaining extra attack, it will simply describe it exactly as the book does. If there is a choice to be made such as class feature or ability score increase, it will alert you and present the choice very clearly. For my in-person game, we started out at level 10, so it was very quick and easy to make the choices I needed to make and have it create the character sheet for me with everything calculated out.

    After your character is created, you can really go about using it either in D&D Beyond which allows you to keep track of health, spell slots, limited use skills, etc. or you can simply export your character sheet into a PDF and print it off in the exact layout as a standard character sheet. I used the digital version to track my last game where my barbarian was basically being attacked by a whole town and the party (don't drink literal snake oil, trust me), and it was decent but required a lot of shifting around in the digital view to get to what I needed. However, being able to look at certain features and have the relevant description right there instead of writing it down onto a character sheet and then having to look that up in the physical book was pretty nice.

    Those are my initial impressions with it, if anyone has any questions for me about Beyond or even how Patron D&D works, I'd be happy to answer.

  • Well. WE have played for over a year now with players found from this group it has been a great experience. AS DM I am totally thrilled with how everyone meshes and how the players keep the game fun. I hope you all are able to find a group and have some fun with a good old roleplay game like D&D. Have a great game everyone!!

  • @kohna Have you played since you last posted? I can't wait to hear how you've been doing.

  • Would absolutely love to play! Probably a rogue or a monk. Love me a good monk!

  • So I know it would loose a lit of what makes DND sessions so much fun. BUT. Would it be possible to do a written form? Like a Roleplay website? Does that work at all? I would LOVE to get into a DND session. I haven't role played since my teens. But I'm a mom with a two year old and a 3 month and my husband works 4 on 4 off nights/days at his job so blocking out a time to be able to get onto a headset to talk to people for a set amount of time on a set day is extremely difficult. Unless there is a group that's able to figure something out.