The EZA Dungeons & Dragons Community Thread

  • I'm mildly interested. The one issue I have is just getting time to do it.

  • I'm very interested, I just am curious of the time commitment. I'll look into the rules and guide for now anyways.

  • I'd love to play D&D with some people! But knowing everyone's timezones would probably be best maybe?

  • Time zones, schedule, previous experience, and access to materials like the rulebook are definitely a must for the doc once it's created.

  • One question to those that have been running active campaigns through d20 and the like, is there any way to archive these adventures? I ask because I'm assuming most of us watch Tabletop Adventures Escapades, but additional adventures to view could be a lot of fun. Plus, that always leads to potential crossovers or campaigns set in the same world, etc.

  • Easy Ally

    @SabotageTheTruth I use a program called SnagIT to easily archive videos, but OBS works just as well in most instances. I can help people if needed.

    If people want to publicize their adventures, we can create another thread just for viewing.

  • I would be very interested in a 1-3 shot campaign at a beginner level and seeing how that goes.

  • I'm also interested in joining a D&D adventure but as im living in EU (gmt +1) this might make it even harder, lucky i'm very flexible when it comes to scheduling.
    i have only played very little PnP, but have played a lot of games using the D&D rules so i would consider myself an experienced player.

    I do have a concern about getting a DM, i'm seeing this as a hard part of getting a group going.

  • I'm very much up for it, I'm currently DM a campaign at work, and I would love to have a character in a campaign.

  • Easy Ally

    For those interested, it would be very helpful if you posted when you could start playing and which days/times work best. Thanks!

  • Love this idea - used to play many years ago and would really like to get into it again. I'm PST and work full time but after 5PST any weekday and pretty much any weekend I'd be in. As I say it's been a while but I'll buy whatever books/supplies needed for any campaign anyone wants to run!

  • @BenMoore That's a good point, but I believe it would be better to do it in a google doc or something, instead of just posting it here.

  • @BenMoore

    Ben, on the old thread, I had created a Google Doc for people to use. Unfortunately I couldn't fit in a time with other Allies, and had joined another roll20 game. However, people can use this google doc if they want to get time slots in as well as who else can DM. Might be great to add to the OP

    EZA Google Doc

  • @Lexad What's the time zone people are using on the google doc? I would love to play, but since I live in Japan it's pretty hard to schedule with the American time zones.

  • @Lexad What's the timezone. Thats the biggest problem when it comes for DnD for me.

  • I used my timezone, which right now I believe is central for you Americans (curse you Daylight Savings). i don't think a particular time zone was suggested, but it would be relatively simple to synch up with that.

  • This is a great idea. I am a part of a couple monthly campaigns that have been having a lot of scheduling issues as of late and I've been hankering to play some D&D!

  • I am technology challenged so I dont know how to play using google docs. I am a on and off player of D&D I would love to find a mostly regular group to play again. I am on the Pacific coast of Canada. Scheduling may be difficult but I am game to try. I would prefer to play and not DM. I am more a character drives the story instead of set adventures when I DM and I dont know how that would fly with most.

  • Tabletop Escapades (and Tabletop Adventures before it) is my favorite show. So I would be down for something maybe.

    My Info:
    -In EST timezone
    -Available evenings during the week / Any time Saturdays
    -Never played D&D before

    Some questions to help out newbies like me:
    -Don't own any rule books, and advice on which to pick up?
    -What kind of time commitment does this kind of thing normally take? 3 hours once a week? 6 hours once a month? 2 hours every night?
    -Is there a character generator that anyone here has found useful? Or do you need the rule book for that?

  • This is the Googledocs that was made for the other thread. Just put in your name where you are available.

    I'm already DMing one group but I'd love to play in another campaign if someone is willing to DM

    If people have questions I'd be willing to help with character creation and possibly run some simple scenarios to help new players understand the rules and flow of the game.