The EZA Dungeons & Dragons Community Thread

  • Love this idea - used to play many years ago and would really like to get into it again. I'm PST and work full time but after 5PST any weekday and pretty much any weekend I'd be in. As I say it's been a while but I'll buy whatever books/supplies needed for any campaign anyone wants to run!

  • @BenMoore That's a good point, but I believe it would be better to do it in a google doc or something, instead of just posting it here.

  • @BenMoore

    Ben, on the old thread, I had created a Google Doc for people to use. Unfortunately I couldn't fit in a time with other Allies, and had joined another roll20 game. However, people can use this google doc if they want to get time slots in as well as who else can DM. Might be great to add to the OP

    EZA Google Doc

  • @Lexad What's the time zone people are using on the google doc? I would love to play, but since I live in Japan it's pretty hard to schedule with the American time zones.

  • @Lexad What's the timezone. Thats the biggest problem when it comes for DnD for me.

  • I used my timezone, which right now I believe is central for you Americans (curse you Daylight Savings). i don't think a particular time zone was suggested, but it would be relatively simple to synch up with that.

  • This is a great idea. I am a part of a couple monthly campaigns that have been having a lot of scheduling issues as of late and I've been hankering to play some D&D!

  • I am technology challenged so I dont know how to play using google docs. I am a on and off player of D&D I would love to find a mostly regular group to play again. I am on the Pacific coast of Canada. Scheduling may be difficult but I am game to try. I would prefer to play and not DM. I am more a character drives the story instead of set adventures when I DM and I dont know how that would fly with most.

  • Tabletop Escapades (and Tabletop Adventures before it) is my favorite show. So I would be down for something maybe.

    My Info:
    -In EST timezone
    -Available evenings during the week / Any time Saturdays
    -Never played D&D before

    Some questions to help out newbies like me:
    -Don't own any rule books, and advice on which to pick up?
    -What kind of time commitment does this kind of thing normally take? 3 hours once a week? 6 hours once a month? 2 hours every night?
    -Is there a character generator that anyone here has found useful? Or do you need the rule book for that?

  • This is the Googledocs that was made for the other thread. Just put in your name where you are available.

    I'm already DMing one group but I'd love to play in another campaign if someone is willing to DM

    If people have questions I'd be willing to help with character creation and possibly run some simple scenarios to help new players understand the rules and flow of the game.

  • From the same group that Lexad, Danerous, and Tristan were talking about we run D&D on Roll20. Unfortunately due to schedules a couple of members have had to drop out. I'm looking for a couple of more players so if anybody wants to join just let me know. We run on Tuesdays. Trying to get a new time straightened out exactly because one of the players is from a time zone way ahead of us. If you want to check out the youtube link from the twitch streams let me know as well and I'll send it along. I don't want to plug here. XD

  • @IanOro If your still looking for a few players I would be interested. I'm available week nights between 5pm to 10pm (Pacific Standard Time) No previous experience but I have the PH for 5e and am interested in learning.

  • @Nillend

    I think I asked people to use Pacific since that is what EZA uses

  • Hi!

    I made a Google Docs spreadsheet that might make it easier to find people who are available at the same time, as that seems to be the biggest hurdle to figure out. I put some test data in there to show how it's supposed to work so let me know if you like it and if we want to use it.

  • @Matt-Brookbank From my short experience I'd say the D&D 5e Player's Handbook is great to pick up if that's what you are going to play. In the campaign that Ian, I and Tristan have been playing we've spent about 2 - 3 hours per week when we've all been available. Don't know any real character generator, there are websites that can be useful if you want to browse spells or to help calculate ability scores and stuff though. If you are going to use roll20 to play then there's a lot of help built in too.

  • @Danerous That seems like a pretty good idea to me, aside from that I think the ot hurdle is finerhding someone willing to DM, but this something like this would probably help a lot with organizing stuff.

  • @Danerous Thanks for the spreadsheet! Hopefully this will still be going on 1.5 months from now - my last grad school apps are due on January 5th, so I'm focusing on getting those done before I commit to anything else. I would love to join in once everything settles down, though. I haven't been able to quest in about 7 years, and I've been trying to get a group every since!

  • @IanOro I'm also interested, because of my job where i just need to get my houres in when ever over a week, i can be very flexible with the time. I do have a time on Tuesdaý around 10 am - 11 am pst that i would like to avoid, but if need be it can be done.
    I have a little bit of PnP and roll20 experience, don't have a ph 5e yet but i dont mind buying one.

  • While we are on the topic of RPGs, do we have any FATE Core players here? It's a fun story-driven system that prides itself on not being as crunchy as most.

    The core rules is completely free here in multiple formats.

  • Should we start using the spreadsheet that @Danerous made, or a similar one to start coordinating this?