The EZA Dungeons & Dragons Community Thread

  • @BenMoore hello, is nice hearing from the dm from easy allies, I was wondering if you can help me find a group for Thursday. I kinda already have one for tusday with the ianoro group but I have a little of extra time in my hands

  • Adding myself back into the list. A current group has unfortunately not been working out. I am available Mondays/Thursdays from 4:30pm and on Pacific coast timezone.

  • @Lexad hi lexad if you find a group on Thursdays, let me know i am also interested on joining a second group.

  • Good afternoon I will be starting a 5ed Campaign in January hopefully every other week for 2 hours ish. The campaign time will be between 11:00 am and 2 pm Pacific time. What time works best for everyone? maybe a middle ground of 11:30 am until 1:30. Please Pm me your availablity and interest. I will send some details for character generation and game info so everyone will be ready for our first session.

  • @elerac hello i was just wondering if you ever happen to make a group Thursday afternoons, please let me know i am interested on playing a second group

  • @elerac Well Thank you Friends and Fans of TTE. A campaign is finally up and running starting this Saturday. So thankful to those who replied and wanted to play. This message board works. We may have a spot available for a last minute addition to the party of 5 currently committed. Again Thank you and good gaming everyone.

  • We just had the first session on saturday. I had a blast. Thanks for playing :D

  • Hello everyone! Thanks to Nillend for directing me to this thread.

    I'd really like to try playing D&D with a group on here, BUT my biggest problem will be time-zones.

    I live in Taiwan, so I'd have the easiest time meeting up with people in Australia or Japan.

    11am Pacific time on Saturday would be 3am Sunday for me. (Which is actually do-able for me because I can stay up late, due to my work times being in the afternoon-evening.)

    Are there any slots left in the current running group?

  • @alexanderarts Try filling up the time you are available here. We'll see if there's a proper group/time available

  • Okay, I filled out my times on the sheet. Seems like my times are actually more compatable with Nillend. Looks like I can join the elerac group time-wise though it's not ideal for me. Will message elerac about possibly joining.

  • Was thinking, since some people requested a Thursday D&D game, maybe we could try a one-shot dungeon crawl or something... meanwhile I am still listening to D&D shows on YouTube and slowly going through the players handbook and so on...

  • @alexanderarts hey if you ever happened to find a group on Thursday let me know, I got a bit of extra time in my hands

  • Are there any groups on here that have an extra slot for another player?

  • I am really interested in this. if anyone needing a player ill be happy to try to join in. as for time zones we will have to figure that out.

    I have gaming sessions with friends from all over the world every now and then so things can work out if I play them right. Job does come first sadly :)

  • @alexanderarts I would not be against running a one shot, or short campaing as a DM. I don't have much experience as a DM, but I've DMed a few sessions at work (the idea was to do a campaing but things keep falling apart) and I would like to get more experience doing so.

  • @fettouhi @CountDrac2501 @edsgar @alexanderarts it seems like all of you are interested in joining new campaigns, and I'm willing to DM a short (at least for the time being) campaign, so if we can figure a time a time that works for us we could go ahead and give it a shot, so long as you are willing to put up with my rookie mistakes as a DM :P, if things don't go too badly we may even extend it :).

  • What do you guys think about creating a Steam group/Discord or something similar? "EZD&D" or something like that? Would be easy to find (in theory) and allow people to collaborate in real-time to get those sessions set up as quickly as possible.

  • @Dunkageddon I think a discord chat is a great idea that would probably speed up getting sessions together. With that said I'd be happy to join if you set it up.

  • @bard91 Sweet, I am 100% ok with rookie because I will be one myself. I haven't read the 5th edition at all and its been 10+ years since I played DnD 2nd edition.

    As for time will I live in CEST so if its going to be like at night for me which is fine it would be best that it was during the weekend because I do work during the weekdays.

  • @Dunkageddon great idea, maybe we could in the EZA discord ask for a extra chat. there are plenty already for haiku zelda spoilers and so one. that would keep the community togeather still on the same server but still sparate things