• Steep beta went live today. This thread is for talking about Steep and grouping up.

    PSN: SageOfThyme

    If this thread gets more than a few responses I'll add everyone's name to the OP so we know who all is on. I don't think a beta is worth forming an Official PSN community for at this time, but if someone does, let us know here.

    I'm enjoying this game a lot so far. I think the ease with which you can bounce around the mountain doing almost whatever you want is great. There are a few very slight technical issues showing. My biggest issue with the game is that it seems it was designed with the awareness that the wing-suit would be the main draw. Snowboarding is what I really was interested it in the first place. We will see where the future takes this game though. Steep seems like a great opportunity in that they could release $30+ DLC that unlocks entirely new areas. It might be the Evan Williams talking, but I had a vision of a Sonic Adventure-style sand-boarding area.

  • The trailers haven't excited me, but I'll give the beta a shot and post my thoughts.

  • Only played the beta for a little bit but one thing I know is that I hate paragliding.
    Everything else seems pretty great, the little I tried though.