Brandon Sun, Kyle Moon Discussion Thread

  • A Tale of Two Fates.

  • "Mega's? OUT!"

    It's almost cute that Kyle expected Gamefreak to have the will to remove even one feature from a sequential game. Mega's? Not out. No new mega forms, though.

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    Just saw this being posted! My hype level is THROUGH THE ROOF! if its anything CLOSE to as good as Brandon plays pokémon, Im in for a treat

  • @Lotias Yeah. For the record, this episode is spoiler free except for maybe the third trailer. It's kind of an episode zero; they've asked for imput on fan interaction, structure, etc.

    Anyway, the takeaway that episode two won't be out for as many weeks. A bit of a drag.

  • I have a suspicion that episode 2 is going to have some very imbalanced discussion.

    I think what kills the series is if you guys aren't relatively at the same point each episode.

    Regarding trading/battles: Even if its not recorded I think it would be cool if you guys held out on "online" play until you both reach the credits or something.

    Imagine how cool it would be to be to have the day you guys break media blackout be an event. Like boom! Episode 4 is live, and you're officially both going to break your blackout at the same time. Especially with the internet features(that I'm surprised neither of you brought up) I don't think this is unfeasible.

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    @Haru17 Watching this now whilst having breakfast, so we shall see! :D

  • @micspam_navi said in Brandon Sun, Kyle Moon Discussion Thread:

    I have a suspicion that episode 2 is going to have some very imbalanced discussion.

    I think what kills the series is if you guys aren't relatively at the same point each episode.

    I suspect Kyle will make time for the game and progress to the end much quicker than Brandon (especially on vacation). Before long, we'll probably be back to the old balance of Bosman-sensei coyly coaxing reactions out of Brandon as he plays through the game in the midst of review season. I think that'd be fine.

  • I don't even really care about Pokémon but watching these two talking about it is awesome. Can't wait!

  • I felt like I was going to miss out on Pokemon, but since these guys are gonna play i'll just watch the show

  • @Haru17 Thanks for clarifying that it's spoiler free. Now I don't have to wait until I finish the game to watch this!

  • So glad you're doing this again! I loved Brandon plays Pokemon for the first time!

    I wonder if there are other games where one of you hadn't played and the other could guide you through it. Not many games would work quite as well as Pokemon did

  • I almost feel as though we should be involved a little more with this series, just because everyone is starting out at the same point and we're all still making discoveries. Some sort of Sun vs. Moon tournaments or something along those lines could prove to be really jolly. I'm not sure if there's an effective way to incorporate that with the actual show, but having more community involvement here makes sense.

  • Since Brandon skipped from Team Rocket to Team Skull, I bet he'll appreciate this:

  • I'd just like to add that Alolan Raichu is the balls.

    Jones will wipe the floor with Bosman next time to exact his revenge for the TGA shoutout.

  • @terminallybill You mean how much of a glass canon it is?

  • @Haru17 yes this is true lol. I just love it's look and it's new type

  • (The second episode from a week ago.)

    Hear me out. In a year's time, after the Switch has been flipped;

    Brandon Sun,
    Kyle Moon,

  • As someone who never played a bit of pokemon I really love these series.

  • Is there some kind of schedule for this series?

  • The only schedule is right here, right now.

    Right here, right now:

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