Pokemon Trade Thread

  • I noticed there wasn't such a thing in the forums yet (Or if there is, please bump the thread) but I thought I'd start a trade thread for Pokemon. Having dealt with trading online, you get some bad and selfish people, especially when it comes to trading multiple Pokemon for a single Pokemon.

    Now, while you could turn to other websites to do this, I think we have a great respectful community here at Easy Allies and I hope there would be fair and honest trading.

    The format for posts here would be as follows:

    (Message or reply line)

    (Pokemon name here)
    (Details like IVs, Level if required)

    (Pokemon name here)
    (Details like IVs, Level if required)

    (Friend code or contact details)

    alt text

    I'd like to wish you all happy trading and hopefully this can become a thriving thread for all you Pokemon Trainers out there!

    Love and Respect,
    The Banana Forklift Killer

  • Now, I thought I'd start off by asking for some Pokemon I need. I like to play the games through with all three starters and while I can trade with randoms online, I like to get starters in egg forms as soon as possible. I am just able to trade in Pokemon Moon and am looking for the following:

    Shiny Murkrow (Pink)
    (hatched, Level 1)
    Shiny Ponyta (Blue Flames)
    (hatched, Level 1)

    Rowlett (Pokemon Egg)
    Litten (Pokemon Egg)

    Friend Code: 3625-9307-4382

    Edit: The offering Pokemon would only be traded in X/Y or ORAS because Pokebank doesn't support Sun/Moon yet -.-

  • I'll gladly start breeding Pokemon like starters for people who want them, but I still need to get my hands on a Ditto to help with that. I have access to the day care on the second island. I don't have anything to offer of value at the moment but if anyone has a spare Ditto, let me know. c:

  • @Hero-of-Lime Ditto can be found on the third Island. If you scan this QR code, it'll tell you the exact location.

    alt text

    Still pretty bummed that you can't use Pokebank with Sun and Moon till early next year. I mean, they had two years to implement it..

  • @BananaForkliftKiller Thanks for the tip. Yeah, I figured the bank would not be there at launch sadly. I wish it was at least available very soon, but we may have to wait for a while. At the same time, I kinda enjoy the brief period where everyone has to start from scratch like this. It makes for more cooperation between players since we are all so desperate to get stuff.

  • @Hero-of-Lime For me, it's kinda a big middle finger to all the people who put lots of time into thier games. I mean, I do love starting a Pokemon game from scratch, but having completed a living Pokedex (every evolution of every pokemon) in the last game, it bugs me that I can't just trade one of them over to make my life a bit easier. I have a friend who spent hours breeding a team he wanted to play in the new game only to find that he's been denied that privilege.

  • @BananaForkliftKiller Oh that's very fair. I really can't wait to bring in all my favorites that I know won't be in this game.

    By the way, I can start doing a starter giveaway soon for anyone interested. I just need a Litten to be able to breed them. Along with some Jangmo-o since it's a really neat late game Pokemon.

  • I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this! Anybody need any help with trade evos? I need to evolve my Kadabra. SEND HELP

  • @parasitepaladin I don't need to evolve anything currently but more than happy to set up a trade so you can get an Alakazam.

    I really want a Wobbuffet but I didn't realize the bank was down until next year until reading this thread. Bummer.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Thank you! Lets get it down! You're too kind.

    Really? Dang. I can't catch them all without the bank!

    Though I did just start, so not like I'd be able to use it anyways.

  • @parasitepaladin I don't have my DS with me since I'm currently at work but I'll bring it by tomorrow and we'll get our trade on.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Okay! Thank you kindly!

  • Hey Allies!
    Looking for evolving Porygon for completing my (living) Pokedex. GTS is no help there...

    Porygon /w Up-Grade (2 times)
    after that Porygon2 /w Dubiodisc

    Porygon2 or Porygon /w Up-Grade (2 times)
    after that Porygon-Z or Porygon2 /w Dubiodisc

    Friend Code: 4940-5443-0277

    Trade in Sun/Moon

  • Howdy trainers! I'm looking for a couple of guys to round out my living dex. I can provide any breed-able mon and am willing to trade multiples (within reason). I also have a bunch of extra legendaries. Thanks in advance!

    Any breed-able (group trade for want OK)

    Moon exclusive UB's

    FC: 3609-1039-9415, can trade XY/ORAS/SuMo

  • Hi Trainers.

    A Pokemon in my team can only evolve by being traded, but unfortunately I don't have any friends that are into Pokemon. I'm desperate to evolve it. Would anyone being willing to trade with me and trade back again? If you have a Pokemon that can only evolve through trading that would be great as well as it would be mutually beneficial for both. Playing Pokemon Sun.




    Any Pokemon

    Friend Code: 4828-9219-1032

    PS- Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place, @BananaForkliftKiller!

  • @swhiley I'd be happy to help. When are you available?

  • @Dirokia I'm free for the next couple of hours and then from 10pm UK time. Do you have a Pokemon that needs to be traded in order to evolve? Thanks so much!

  • @swhiley I've added you. I'll leave my game open for a while, just request a trade whenever's good for you.

  • @Dirokia How do I find you in the Festival Plaza? Sorry, I'm a bit lost!

  • @swhiley If you have me added as a friend through the 3DS friend code, you should be able to find me in the Linked Trade list. Connect to the internet by clicking the blue wifi symbol in Festival Plaza bottom screen then go Trade>Linked Trade. My nick is Diro.

  • @Dirokia What's your friend code?